[DOWNLOAD: Moombahton] Free Willy Wednesdays #8 “Battle For LA”

Willy Joy- Battle For LA

This week we continue our series of exclusive giveaways: every Wednesday, Willy Joy  & Gotta Dance Dirty have teamed up to give you Free Willy Wednesdays! Each week we’ll give you a new tune out of Willy’s vault. Some are  remixes, some are  bootlegs, some are  100% originals.. Some of them you may have heard played by your favorite DJ or in an  exclusive mix, but now they’re yours… for free!

Week number eight brings a track titled “Battle for LA”. A peak time moombahton monster, this song is definitely an assault – full of screaming synths, stuttering drums and tribal bass.

Willy says: “I wrote the original idea for this song in a piece of shit dive hotel in downtown Los Angeles a long time ago. I didn’t have much money and it was the only thing I could afford at the time. There was stale smoke on everything, dirt on the floors, and a lot of other gross stuff I won’t go into. I think some of the filth definitely made its way into the tune.”

Willy dusted this idea off for week #8 and turned it into a full fledged beast. Download the track below and make sure to look out next week for another edition of Free Willy Wednesdays!