Anna Lunoe – Up and Down

Producer.  DJ.  Vocalist.  Musical instrument.  Beatport Queen.  I could go on and on about Anna Lunoe but I don’t wanna cross the proverbial creepy line.  I will say that Ms. Lunoe is certainly on a roll right now after the release of her massive “Real Talk” EP.  And today we’ve got her first ever solo release.  Here’s what she had to say about the song:

“Curated by A-Trak & Catchdubs, I was MAD EXCITED when Fools Gold offered to release my first solo track ‘Up & Down’ as part of the first ever Fools Gold Clubhouse Compilation. This track was written in the middle of winter during some kind of lonely girl moment. I hope it makes you get down/feel weird. “

Get down?  Indeed.  Feel weird?  Maybe.  Feel tingly.  Certainly.  Thanks, Anna.

Erotic city…