From their origin, we have followed and supported our friends PeaceTreaty throughout their rising success both in productions and performances. Their new single (and first off their forthcoming debut album on Dim Mak Records) was released today, featuring the fresh faced vocals of Anabel Englund and an evolved sound in the studio. We were able to sit down with them for a quick interview about the new track, amidst their European tour and set @ Tomorrowland festival.

Read the interview + hear the new single ‘In Time ft. Anabel Englund’ (after the jump)

GDD: The first single in from you guys over a year! I know you’ve been hard at work in the studio for quite some time – has the wait been due to having it appear close to the completion of the forthcoming album?
PT: Yeah we are definitely gearing up to tie the bow on the album within this month, which let me tell you, is incredibly great and relieving. We are more then excited for all this material to come out so that people can see that our production will live up to the time its taken to be released.

GDD: We’ve seen such a major progression in the Peacetreaty sound over the past couple years, and “In Time” definitely feels like a strengthened production that you guys have matured into. What was the inspiration behind the elements in the track?
PT: I do believe our taste in the music we listen to at the moment has grasped a greater liking for all types of music – dudes like Madeon, Above & Beyond, The Weeknd, and some unknown blog artists that we find on hypem or random blogs. It’s crazy to hear that there is so much great music out there thats not being listened to. Its really difficult for people to unwrap themselves from the bias music in the dance world right now and actually hear something.

GDD: Adding on to the tracks elements, the vocals by Anabel Englund are melodically anthemic and seem like a perfect match. How was the chemistry in the studio with her and was it exactly what you guys wanted to carry the track?
PT: The studio session couldn’t have gone better. As soon as we got in the studio and she was done with the writing, we hit the recording button and boom she nailed. We think this girl is gunna do really well because of her soothing vocal and beautiful tone. Its so crazy to think our mgmt found her or should I say heard about her from a youtube video. Goes to support our last answer to the previous question.

GDD: Given that “In Time” is the first album single, can we expect more music on the album to reflect this sound? Or can we expect higher energy tracks that are a staple to your big room DJ sets?
PT: We are all over the map on this album. Really it excites us even talking about the release of this album because of how diverse its going to be. Timeless music was the goal, not hits, not bangers, not trance house and not any other big thing I guess. Surely we will some of those high energy PT tracks in there but we wanted to try and do it a bit different this time.

GDD: As far as you guys have come, what is one thing that has and will never change in the Peacetreaty production… any studio rituals? or signature sounds that will always live on in your tracks?
PT: We try to write music with feeling and emotion which is correctively the wrong way to write music but thats we love doing. If it can move us then we know it will do the same to some people out there, and we think “In Time” was the start to a sound that we have been developing.

GDD: thanks guys! Best of luck with the release and the rest of your already storied 2012!
PT: Big thanks to Gotta Dance Dirty for the continuous support. They have helped us out from the beginning. Love you dudes no homo.