GDD™ Morning Update: Simian Mobile Disco, Disclosure, Four Tet, Busy P/Ed Banger, Kelis

Good morning! Today’s news features Simian Mobile Disco, Disclosure, Four Tet, Busy P/Ed Banger, and Kelis. Please read on after the jump.


At this year’s Sonar Festival (review here), DIY mag sat down with James and Jas of innovative electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco who gave a rather frank overview of dance acts at today’s major music festivals.

From the get-go when questioned on the topic of the main stage fray of once relegated DJs move to the headlining spots – generally occupied by the Skrillex’s, Avicii’s and Guetta’s, the two were quick to shoot it down by saying;  ’I wouldn’t really identify ourselves with Skrillex…’, adding “To be fair, the alternative to them headlining would probably be some big, cheesy band that I wouldn’t be into either, so I don’t feel bad either way.”

James continued; “My main issue with it is, I’ve heard people claim it’s a positive thing because there’s more people focused on electronic music, so for everyone else operating in that genre, those kids will get into more underground stuff and it’ll be a bigger pie for everyone. That’s a nice positive way of spinning it, but the negative thing, especially in America where it’s more obvious than anywhere else, is that it pushes a different kind of dance music, and a different way of appreciating it. It’s more about a DJ on the stage, fist pumping, crowd surfing, throwing cakes in people’s faces…”

Guess Simian Mobile Disco wouldn’t approve of Steve Aoki’s rider.

The two raise a rather interesting question as to where the performance side of things come from at the festival level. As we see it the real heads are cooped up in studios perfecting production and playing rather intimate shows versus the arena-spec stuff of todays superstar DJs.

On a personal level it’s great to see the influx of support and popularity from the mainstream globally but seems like this at-times shallow and white bread audience isn’t enough to sustain a lasting memory of dance.

In turn the cost of booking these DJs for festivals skyrockets when, at the end of the day it should be a passionate professional who wants to play exotic and often interesting locations often only carrying a CD wallet, laptop or even USB.

Has the explosion of ‘EDM’ created an unprecedented demand for wow versus whoa?

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WATCH: Disclosure’s ‘Control’ Video

One of the highlights from UK duo Disclosure’s recent EP, The Face, has been given the video treatment. Despite the raunchy video for What’s In Your Head, the visual accompaniment for Control is actually the pair’s first official video. Check it out below.

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Four Tet Unveils New Album, Pink

Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet, will release a new album in August called Pink.

The eight-track album is mostly a collection of tracks Hebden has released over the past year or so on his label, Text Records. These include hot-of-the-press productions like “128 Harps,” “Ocoras” and “Jupiters,” all of which came out in the past two months, as well as (relatively) older tunes like “Pinnacles,” the A-side from his 2011 split 12-inch with Daphni (AKA Caribou). There are two new tracks included as well—”Lion” and “Peace For Earth”—which Hebden says “have not been released on vinyl yet but I plan to make that happen one day.”

Pink will come out digitally on Text in August, followed shortly by a CD release in Japan on the label Hostess Entertainment.

01. Locked
02. Lion
03. Jupiters
04. Ocoras
05. 128 Harps
06. Pyramid
07. Peace for Earth
08. Pinnacles

Text Records will release Pink on August 20th, 2012.
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Busy P talks Ed Banger’s 2012 mission

As his name would suggest, Ed Banger head honcho Busy P is a busy man. Speaking to DJ Magthis month, the label boss has talked up his 2012 plans – and as you’d expect, there’s plenty to look forward to.

First up on the Ed Banger schedule? Baby I’m Yours producer Breakbot has his first full-length album due soon. “I just believe the younger crowd are ready to listen to something different. They might be fed up of the noisy headbanging sound, I myself am fed up of it, and American dubstep is doing that for us now anyway. The energy, the stage-diving era that we had in 2007, that is what’s happening now in America” the Frenchman (real name Pedro Winter) began. “So me, personally, I want to go more into something like disco, something for the boys to take the girls in their arms to, and this is why the Breakbot album is perfect!”

Fans of the Frenchies can also keep an eye out for Justice’s new single New Lands and the soundtrack to new Mr. Oizo film Wrong, a collaborative effort between Oizo and newcomer Tahiti Boy. Following that, Busy P himself plans to drop a new EP and there’s a new single from Krazy Baldhead in the pipeline.

On a sadder note, Pedro also opened up about the impact the death of his friend and collaboratorDJ Mehdi has had. “Well, you know we lost DJ Mehdi last year… you see, 70% of the music and remixes I have done, Mehdi was my hand in the studio, he was really my music partner,” Busy P explained. “So for a long time, I was like, ‘Let’s just leave it’, but just very recently, I met this young kid from Paris, Boston Bun, he’s 25-years-old and we spent some time in the studio last week and it was my first day in the studio for a long time. But it’s not easy. You know, with Mehdi, he was my best friend, so I could do stupid things and not be shy; when you’re in the studio, you often have to do lots of stupid things before you do the right thing.

“And that’s why I DJ less and less, because I don’t want to travel without him.” the label head continued. “I want to continue because Ed Banger was his baby too, he even gave the label its name, and I know that he was proud of what we were doing. I can honestly say one of the proudest things of my life is to have known that man and to have been able to call him my best friend.”

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Kelis’ New Skream-Produced Track

As we reported a few months ago, Skream has been working with Kelis on her new album, producing two tracks for the currently untitled LP. And the fruits of that labour have now been ripped from a radio show and uploaded to Soundcloud, for your listening pleasure.

This weekend Kelis premiered her new track ‘Distance’ via a youth-led London radio station, Reprezent Radio.

Check it out below.

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