Auxiliary tha Masterfader – Electric Disco EP

Now THIS is the disco I’ve been searching for.  Dutch disco producer Auxiliary Tha Masterfader is serving up a brand of disco with some serious attitude.  If people would just shut the fuck up already about EDM, Swedish House Mafia & Paris Hilton and focus on something actually worth talking about, you know like good disco music…then maybe guys like Auxiliary tha Masterfader & his fantastic new Electric Disco EP would get the exposure + notoriety they deserve.

The Electric Disco EP is disco with balls.  It’s edgy enough for a 4am late night drive yet still maintains a solid dance floor vibe throughout with elements of classic disco, italo, synth pop, new wave + 80s funk.  It’s well produced, multi-layered, modern/retro disco at its finest.

The Electric Disco EP (also featuring reworks by the always brilliant Cosmonauts) is available now exclusively on Beatport via On The Fruit Records and will be available everywhere July 2nd.