Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Formed in 2010, Canadian electronic band Purity Ring, is a genre-defiant duo that has already built a huge cult following with four singles and have yet to release their first album.  Warping up influences from 90’s R&B, Trap, Rape-Gaze and lush dream pop… Corin Roddick’s stunning production and Megan James’ eerie vocals compose disturbing club lullabies that will leave you drifting in a daze.

Purity Ring is a 4AD outfit now, and are set to release their long-awaited LP Shrines, due on July 24.  A few days ago they unveiled a new single from this forthcoming album, titled ‘Fineshrine‘, available to download free.  This single might be the band’s most wicked song to date, a blood soaked love song referencing relationships with unreturned devoutness.

Shrines Tracklist
1. Crawlersout
2. Fineshrine
3. Ungirthed
4. Amenamy
5. Grandloves
6. Cartographist
7. Belispeak
8. Saltkin
9. Obedear
10. Lofticries
11. Shuck


✖ tamarasky