GDD™ Spotlight: X-Press 2

A couple weeks back I posted the new single, ‘In The Blood,’ from British dance music vets, X-Press 2. The House jam released yesterday on Skint Records has a throwback feel to it, incorporating vocals from Alison Limerick who contributed her voice to many successful dance tracks in the 90s. Needless to say, I was impressed by the release and I wanted to check in with Diesel and Rocky of X-Press 2 to see what they were up to and get their seasoned perspective on some aspects of the burgeoning dance music scene. In addition to our chat, the guys also put together a fantastic, exclusive hour-long mix just for GDD™ that is available for download below. Get into everything after the jump and cruise on over to Beatport to pick up ‘In The Blood’ with remixes from AFFKT, Chocolate Puma, and Seamus Haji.

1 Faster – Intors. (Livio And Roby Remix) (Bloop)
2 Ramon Tapia – Trollet (Skint)
3 &ME – Matters (Saved)
4 X-Press 2 feat. Alison Limerick – In The Blood (Skint)
5 Tuccillo – Allegra’s Theme (Isgud)
6 Daniel Mehlhart – Groove Eimer (Monique Musique)
7 Session Victim – Good Intentions (Delusions Of Grandeur)
8 Slam – The Pimp Convention (Paragraph)
9 Speech Debelle – I’m With It (Leo Zero Dub) (Ninja Tune)
10 Deymare – Pure Feeling (James Johnston Remix) (Morris Audio Citysport)
11 Uffe – I’ll Leave Soon (Catz ‘n’ Dogz Just Leave Remix) (Pets Recordings)

Gotta Dance Dirty™: To start things off we always ask the same question. What do you two like to drink?

X-Press 2: Water.

GDD™: X-Press 2 has been along for the long rollercoaster ride that dance music has been on since the early 90s. Do you have a favorite period in the last 20 years that you truly felt was a comparative peak, or would you say that it’s been on a linear incline?

XP2: There have definitely been some ups and downs shall we say but it’s always remained interesting especially right now. We’re probably more inspired by what’s going on right now! So many great producers and merging of styles – how it should be!

GDD™: Has House music always kept the same meaning within you guys? It seems as if the recent rise in House music has created a larger umbrella like genre that incorporates more than what was once coming out of Chicago.

XP2: Exactly, you’ve got the raw House sound from guys like Italo Johnson, Jus-Ed, Mix Mup, Kassem Mosse, Omar S and the whole Rush Hour Crew and then you’ve got the people who’ve been around for time like Carl Craig, Theo Parrish & Kerri Chandler and all the deep house producers plus new up & coming guys like Tucillo, Tennis, Daniel Mehlhart, it’s such a vibrant and exciting time with the whole UK bass thing incorporating house music too.

GDD™: X-Press 2 has always been known for unique vocalists and collaborators including David Byrne of Talking Heads and Kurt Wagner of Lambchop. Would you say that it’s your open-mindedness to music outside of the inner dance music circles that sparked these creative collabs?

XP2: Yeah – we just listen to quite a lot of varied music styles and some have just happen to crossover into our productions.

GDD™: You guys just recently played the Haçienda Oiso Festival in Japan last month. How was that? Do you see any large differences in the Asian market?

XP2: It’s always great to play in Japan. We absolutely love it there and there’s always an up for it crowd. The Hacienda gig was great we played with Nina Kraviz & Carl Craig & Peter Hook was also on the bill! Unfortunately we were in & out of Japan within 48 hours as after the Hacienda festival we had to play the following day at a festival in Osaka and then straight to a club gig in Oslo!!

GDD™: From what I’ve read you guys have been collecting vinyl for a while. Are you still building on your collections? What are the last 5 records you’ve added to the crates?

XP2: Still adding to the collection. Last 5 records were 1) Bookworms – “Love Triangles” 12″; 2) Vakula – “Interpretation” 12″; 3) Makka Bees – “Nation Fiddler” 7″; 4) Jorge Lopez Ruiz – “El Grito” LP; 5) Nathan Davis Quartet – “Rules Of Freedom” LP.

GDD™: Your latest track, ‘In The Blood,’ is a bit of a blast from the past 90s House jam featuring vocals from Alison Limerick. How did this single come together? Did you have the remixers in mind while you were producing it or did it come about more serendipitously?

XP2: The single came together by our label introducing Alison to us which timed perfectly with a backing track that we were currently working on. We never think of remixers while producing it’s always after the projects completed that we start to ponder who we’d like.

GDD™: Are you guys still working closely with Ministry of Sound? Radio, events, etc?

XP2: Yes we have been doing the “House of X-Press 2″ radio show every week now for 2 years and are working on some other projects which are currently under wraps!

GDD™: What young gun producers within the last few years have really impressed you?

XP2: So many to mention, we do our 2 hour weekly slot for Ministry radio and we litterally struggle to fit the music in week after week and most are from up and coming producers but a few that standout are: – Vakula, Terrence Dixon, Kassem Mosse, &ME, Jimpster, Huxley, Tucillo, Lone, Midland, Actress, Caribou/Daphni, Jamie XX, Julio Bashmore, Hudson Mohawke, Nicholas Jaar, Girl Unit, Shackleton, etc

GDD™: You guys show no signs of slowing down. What’s next for X-Press 2?

XP2: There’s another single to be lifted from the album (A Million Miles Away) and then a brand new single due in Autumn. A new album due in spring next year plus a new Label “HOX Records” and lots of touring and a compilation CD!

GDD™: Thanks so much for your time guys. Looking forward to listening to this mix!


♥ jonahberry