Porter Robinson’s Exclusive Edits

About an hour ago Electro wunderkind and GDD™ fav Porter Robinson posted on his Facebook that he’d be giving away one of his patented live edits once the post reached 400 shares. Those edits, until now, have been reserved only for him and those witnessing one of his sets in the flesh.

20 mins later, the post had well exceeded its goal thanks to his nearly 180,000 fans. I’ve heard the balloting was neck and neck, so Team Porter has decided to release all four edits for free! Just in time for one of the biggest weekends in Electronic Dance Music.

If you’re still wondering why we like the kid so much, besides the obviously ridiculous and continually evolving productions, just take a look after the jump at this little blurb he posted on his Facebook not too long ago. Take note, humility and gratitude do take you a long way. Get the four free downloads after the jump as well!

“watching the mainstage of EDC Vegas 2011 last year was one of the most monumental nights ever for me. the vastness of it all was so fucking inspiring. it still blows my mind to see some tens of thousands of people so enthusiastic about dance music. of course, there’s good and bad that comes with the proliferation of this sound into the mainstream, but god damn – you can’t deny that the drama and spectacle of the whole thing is pretty awe inspiring.

anyway, all year, i was hoping against hope to get the privilege of playing EDC Vegas’s mainstage this year. and it looks like i will be!

i’m playing on Sunday on the mainstage. and i’m gonna be looking for you true fans out there.”

Porter Robinson’s “Live Edits/Bootleg Thingies”