GDD™ Morning Update: Daft Punk, Avicii, Excision, M83, Mr. Oizo, Scuba

Good morning! Today’s news features Daft Punk, Avicii, Excision, M83, Mr. Oizo, & Scuba. Please read on after the jump!



Daft Punk team up with Giorgio Moroder for new album

Legendary Italian producer Giorgio Moroder has revealed juicy details about the new Daft Punkalbum at the International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza.

ITM was front and centre as the world’s dance music leaders converged on the Spanish party island for IMS. A last minute addition to the three day conference, Moroder paid tribute to Donna Summerwho he famously produced Love To Love You Baby and I Feel Love for, before revealing for the very first time that he recently went into the studio with Daft Punk to work on their massively anticipated new album.

“Can I tell you a funny story?” Moroder began. “Thomas, who is the guy [from Daft Punk], wanted me to talk about my life. And I said, ‘what are you going to do with it?’ He said, ‘you just talk and we’re going to snip stuff. So I came in, in Paris, into their studio, and he had three microphones to record me. Three different microphones.”

“I said, ‘why do you have three? Isn’t one enough?’ He said, ‘this microphone here is a very old microphone from the 60s, because if you talk about your life in the 60s that’s how the microphone is going to sound. Then if you talk about the 70s, you have the second microphone. And if you talk about the future we have one here.’”

“I asked the engineer if anybody had ever been able to distinguish the different sounds, and he said no. So I said, ‘why is he doing it?’. He said, ‘Well, he (Thomas) knows the difference!’”

Known as the father of disco, Moroder’s musical success spans decades, beginning in the 1970s before he eventually turned his hand to film scores that have earned him three Academy Awards and three Grammys.

Just one hour before Moroder’s talk at IMS, previously confirmed Daft Punk collaborator Nile Rodgers from Chic spoke briefly about what’s in store from the new album from the French duo. “So it’s not really a secret that we were together,” he said, “and I say to both Guy and Thomas, that I respect them hugely, immensely, and they are in charge of their marketing and I’m going to let them roll it out and tell you guys what it is. All I can say is, that shit is amazing!”

With Nile Rodgers and Giorgio both on board for the new Daft Punk album, amazing sounds like an understatement. 

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Free Download: Avicii – Two Million

Swedish Dance icon Avicii is celebrating hitting the 2 million fans mark on Facebook with a generous pledge to his fans. To celebrate his accession to the ranks of stadium filling live spectacle and chart raking producer, Tim Bergling is giving fans an exclusive free download of his previously unreleased track ‘Two Million.’

While considerable time separated Avicii’s breakthrough single ‘Levels’ and recent release ‘Silhouettes’, the summer is already looking to be a big one for the young producer as he just unleashed his remix of Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Superlove’ in anticipation of his exclusive free giveaway ‘Two Million.’ Playing the role as a considerably heavier counterpart to his usual enigmatic melodic stylings and ardent energy of his increasingly popular studio output, the Alcoholic-sampled ‘Two Million’ that has been a staple in his sets lately is sure to gain Bergling a few new fans while posing a significant nod of respect to the loyal fan base that has championed his name on a universal level.

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Excision Replies to Mixmag: “I Do Not Buy Fake Fans”

Today DJ Excision replied to Mixmag’s story, which considered if DJs were buying fake fans on Facebook.

He told Mixmag: “I would like to point out that no, I do not buy fake fans. The first obvious thing that nearly everyone has gotten wrong when analysing this image is that this statistic is showing you the where the artist has received the most new likes on a given week. This is not an overall fan count rank by city.

“You can clearly see on my page insights, Mexico in fact counts for less than 4% of my fan base. Many of you will find it interesting to see regardless, as it’s basically a breakdown of where all the core bass music fans in the world are from.

“I’ve run legit Facebook ads that I pay for through Facebook to push my page just like every artist SHOULD be doing. See the names above for people who know how to promote themselves properly.

“These ads run on an auction system where you set a maximum bid per click, since other advertisers in Mexico/Hungary are bidding far lower for a click than I am, my ad will always be shown. Does this mean I’m cheating? No.

“These are real people, genuinely interested in my page, clicking on my ad that was shown to them because they have a friend who already likes my page. It was their choice to click on it and also their choice to click ‘like’.

“I can show my ad to someone in Mexico/Hungary (and many more countries around the world with lesser economies) for around 30% (or less) of the cost of an ad shown to an American.

“It could be argued that these non-American fans have less value, but I believe that fans all over the world are valuable as long as you plan to eventually tour the area some day.

“You could even argue that paying for Facebook advertising to get more fans is cheating, but then you would be arguing with every artist and brand name in history.

“Mexico City has an extremely fast growing scene, Downlink and Noisia just played there to a huge crowd and the promoters went so far as to spray paint massive buildings and billboards with their names to promote the event. I’m sure Skrillex etc have played even bigger shows there.

“I should point out that there IS a problem with certain artists buying fake fans, but these profiles aren’t real at all, why would you buy fake profiles of people from Mexico when you can buy fake American fans with triple the value for the same price?

“It’s far harder to catch the actual cheaters than you would think, especially if they are smart about it.”

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Video: M83: “Reunion”

Here’s the cinematic visual for M83‘s new single version of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming track “Reunion”, which is out now through Mute. Directed by Fleur & Manu, it continues the storyline from the video for “Midnight City” as a group of glowing-eyed, paranormal children go to battle. (See if you can spot the Adam Yauch tribute, too.)

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Mr. Oizo’s new movie…starring Marilyn Manson

As well as mastering the music thing, Mr. Oizo (that’s Quentin Dupieux to his mother) has also built up a solid filmmaking resume over the years. First up, the nutty Frenchman released the feature-length Steak in 2007, before bringing us the absurdist thriller about a psychotic tyre roaming the American desert and exploding heads with telekinesis (really), Rubber, in 2010. Now, Dupieux has released his latest silver screen offering: Wrong Cops.

Predictably, Wrong Cops is pretty batty stuff. But it’s not just standard-Oizo whack – famously weird musician in his own right, goth rocker Marilyn Manson has a starring role in the film. Manson plays braces-clad, skateboard-riding teenager David Delores Frank (the fact that Manson’s currently 43 of course only adds to the humour), kidnapped by a bent cop who, appalled by the teen’s proclivity for techno, seeks to give Manson’s character a real musical education.

For now, we’ve just got the 13-minute Chapter 1 of Wrong Cops, though Oizo Tweeted that the film will be rounded out to a full 90 minutes when the next six chapters begin filming on June 5. Oizo’s kept up with his usual self-deprecating humour, with the starring cop describing Manson’s taste in techno in particularly scathing terms. “You know what that reminds me of? That reminds me of a guy who got his balls trapped in a washing machine and would have recorded it with a microphone,” the one of many very-quotable lines begins. “It sucks! There’s no emotion, anyone could do that with a computer in 10 minutes. That is not real music!”

Proving that the flick is amazing as it sounds, Chapter 1 of Wrong Cops screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last week – though you can watch and judge for yourself over here. And with that, Mr Oizo remains the coolest man in electronic music.

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Scuba plots North American Tour

Scuba has confirmed details for a two-week jaunt across North America this summer. 

The tour comes at a time when the Berlin-based artist’s sound is expanding as fast as his fan base. Scuba, real name Paul Rose, was for years a steady source of cavernous dubstep, be it in his productions, DJ sets or the music he released through his label, Hotflush Recordings. Over the years his style as both an artist and a label head has become much more open-ended, pulling in elements of house, techno, pop, or whatever else strikes his fancy. This is easy to hear in the two most recent albums on Hotflush, Jimmy Edgar’s Majenta and Scuba’s Personality

Though he’s played in North America plenty of times before, the upcoming string of dates marks Rose’s most thorough tour across the continent to date. He’ll play nine cities in 12 days, beginning in Austin, Texas on July 26th and finishing in early August at Francois K’s Deep Space party in New York, where’ he’ll play from start to finish. The tour includes seven gigs in the United States and two in Canada.