GDD™ Exclusive: Citizen – Under The Influence Mix, Deep End EP

Citizen is the first to be released on Kerri Chandler‘s latest, MadTech records and, once again, the deep house originator delivers with Citizen and this release.  “In 1992 Kerri Chandler had a vision. A vision of deep, heartfelt, meaningful music.”  This vision helped forge the soulful standards of Madhouse records, establishing some of deep house’s very foundations, which continue today in Kerri’s new label MadTech.  As I introduced Citizen in The Dirt #73, his sound is decidedly “House Over Everything” and today we’ve got a sublime exclusive mix from him, as well as his entire EP and details on our Twitter interview with the label this Friday.  Go Deep.

• Download Citizen Under The Influence Mix


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All my best,

Steven N. Ewald