Jimmy Edgar – Majenta

Detroit-born producer & fashion photographer, Jimmy Edgar, has been making beats for over a decade now.  Snatching all kinds of influences from his city’s eclectic music scene, without a doubt one powerful element stands out from the rest… SEX.  This is a man who titled a track I Want To Be Your STD, and an album XXX.  Creating mystery and dramatic/sexual tension are the main goals in his sound.  He even became celibate (not even engaging with his own person) for a period of time to create sexual energy around him turning him into some kind of vampire.

After a two-year break, Jimmy Edgar comes back raunchier than ever with his latest release on Hotflush Recordings, Majenta.  Bringing eleven futuristic tracks of synthpop electro-funk, this EP is an insatiable sex fiend dungeon of slithery basslines, making it his most full-bodied invention yet.  From the risque Sex Drive (“pull out my dick and let you lick”) to the hypnotic Prince-esc S&M overtones of I Need Your Control, this album proves to be Edgar’s sleaziest creation thus far.  If you suffer from premature ejaculation… listen at your own risk, cuz this is the whisper-licking soundtrack of your wettest dreams. >:) devil


01 – Too Shy
02 – This One’s For The Children
03 – Sex Drive
04 – Indigo Mechanix (3D)
05 – Let Yrself Be
06 – Touch Yr Bodytime
07 – Hrt Real Good
08 – I Need Your Control
09 – Heartkey
10 – In Deep
11 – U Need Love (Digital Exclusive)
12 – Switch Switch (Digital Exclusive)


✖ tamarasky