Futurecop!: “The Only Way” ft. Keenhouse Video + “We Are the Future” Mix

Earlier this week, UK producers, Futurecop!, released their much anticipated music video for “The Only Way.” Starring members of the Parks and Recreations cast, as well as Jon Lajoie from the hit series “The League,” the video tells the comedic story of a boy who falls in love with a mannequin. A  love story behind a backdrop of unicorns, miniature golf, and 1980’s visuals is the perfect compliment for the synth-heavy and dream-inducing melodies of Futurecop!.

Find out about “We Are The Future” compilation + a mix after the jump!

Whether you want to classify Futurecop! as synthwave/dreamwave/retrowave or sythnpop, one thing is certain, Futurecop!‘s music is reminiscent of a time when  acid washed jeans and Members Only jackets were the norm. Futurecop! is not alone in emulating sounds from the 1980’s, and in order to introduce the world to artists with similar thoughts and ideals, they curated a compilation titled “We Are The Future.” With tracks from personal favorites Anoraak, Fear of Tigers, and Lifelike, “We Are The Future” is the perfect companion for a summertime escape from the surrounding world. “We Are The Future” will be available June 5th, 2012.