The Dirt #73: Tre + Steven N. Ewald

photo by Alex Jacob

Tre and Steven N. Ewald on Dirt duty this week and we’re very excited to be coming at you with everything from melodic techno to intricately designed glitch beats on Tre’s end and some truly deep, deep sensuality with jacking chicago house thrown in to keep you on your toes from Steven’s end.  Even a fan submitted, fan selected track from GDD Facebook on this week!  Grab The Dirt #73 .zip and all tracks after the jump.  And how ’bout that Dirt Babe?

• The Dirt #73 .zip (10 tracks)

Steven N. Ewald’s picks:

Hoshina Anniversary – Chicago (192 kbps sample, purchase here√+
No time wasted here, straight into this churning, jacking, sinister electro tech anthem .  1:37 mark blew me away the first time Raffi Go Deep showed me this.

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Solomun Edit) √+
I somehow slept on this for almost two years, then was introduced to Woon by my lady Deirdre and our l33t hacker of an intern Korbin.  This has been my go to for late nights gone later and this simple, yet effective Solomun edit speeds it up enough to play out for said nights.

Citizen – Strictly 4 Breathers

Kerri Chandler’s brand new sister label to Madhouse, MadTech Records, reached out with their first release, this EP from Citizen.  I hadn’t heard much from Citizen until now but I’m so glad they reached out– everything on Citizen’s SoundCloud makes him a “house over everything” styled artist to watch.  His effusively soul Whitney Houston remix is particularly superb as well.

Adana Twins – Strange (192 kbps sample, purchase here)
Adana Twins are absolutely the deep duo to watch at the moment.  The brilliant “Strange” samples just enough of The Doors vocals and piano chords, with enough room to breathe, bringing attention to the minor details they’ve layered in.

• Dirty South – Walking Alone (Jason Ross Remix)
You know I can’t stand progressive or big room house, but for this fan submitted, fan selected remix from FLUXX resident Jason Ross, I have to make an exception.  This is beyond big room– this is huge room and infectively massive.  The fans on both GDD Facebook and GDD Twitter (#GDDSubmit) have spoken, keep your submissions coming!

Tre’s picks:

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Djemba Djemba Remix)
This kid has to be one of the most innovative producers in the scene right now.  Djemba Djemba‘s remix of Every Single Night is reminiscent of an old-school Kayne West beat with a twist of IDM genius!

Purloid – Mozambric

Purloid‘s production never ceases to amaze me and his newest track Mozambric is no exception.  Mozambric is a dark techno groove that drifts in and out of melodic excellence.

I Get (L.A.D.S. Blazed Out Bootleg)The Tech duo L.A.D.S. has just dropped another massive track.  Their newest bootleg remix of Good Times (I Get High) by Styles P is the perfect blend of groove and Tech.

MusSck – Neon Reservoir

MusSck‘s Neon Reservoir is a glitchy, sample-based track that is synthesized to perfection.  If you are a fan of glitch, make sure you pick up this tune!

Films of Colour – Running (Lemmy Ashton Remix)Lemmy Ashton gives us a beautifully melodic rendition of Films of Colour‘s Running, make sure to peep it!

• The Dirt #73 .zip (10 tracks)