Carli is an immensely talented, constantly genre defying and very charming dj/producer from Sweden. We’ve gotten to know him as one half of Staygold, Savage Skulls and Marcus Price & Carli. We’ve seen him occupy dj booths in Miami, London and Stockholm. We’ve heard him produce everything from filthy grime to saccharine disco. We’ve had the pleasure of tagging along on a musical journey that sways back and forth between dodgy warehouses in Västberga and glittery super clubs on Ibiza; from aggressive beats for the street to dreamy pop productions for la-la-land. Carli comes equipped with an effortless eclecticism that only the most talented can pull of, matched with a tempo that demands unconditional love for music combined with less than zero interest in nostalgia.

As you might be able to tell, it’s impossible to speak about this guy in a sensible way. Were we to begin listing his many collaborations, we’d soon end up in a namedropping session which would have Victor Ward, main character of Bret Easton Ellis’ Glamorama, losing his breath. We’ll just mention a few projects that have occupied Carli Löf’s life over the last year: A string of irresistible singles with Marcus Price, a couple of brilliant productions on Rebecca & Fiona’s debut album, and a few international club smashers together with Crookers as Dr. Gonzo. Alright, we should probably mention that he’s also the guy behind some of Robyn’s fiercest beats of late.

Check out this latest tune ‘Big Journey’ below – part of the upcoming compilation EP 1 from RobotBerget, featuring Carli, Style Of Eye, Alex Metric, MtheM, and Galantis. Sign up HERE for the full EP download.