Hard Corps – Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt LP

The DIY music culture is often traced back to the late 1970’s (some say earlier), and all the anarcho-punk bands emerging during that era often distributed limited amounts of cassette tapes; sadly becoming lost & overlooked over the years… until now.

Founded in 2005, Minimal Wave Records is arguably the most fascinating underground label out there.  Their main focus is to unearth these obscure analog gems from all over the world to our generation, in high quality vinyl pressings.

The MW camp recently made their 35th release available, a fully remastered LP titled ‘Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt‘ from cult status 80’s UK synth wave act Hard Corps.  This masterpiece consists of six tracks, including some of their rare unreleased material.  Fronted by vocalist Regine Fetet (R.I.P), Hard Corps surfaced in 1984 and became notorious for their live performances.  Their synthetic, cold & pounding industrial sound was definitely ahead of its time.  The band dissolved in 1989 after touring with The Cure and Depeche Mode.

There is only a limited amount of 999 collectors worthy vinyl of ‘Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt’… get em’ while they’re available.  You can also download it on iTunes.




✖ tamarasky