For the 72nd installment of The Dirt, I’m teaming up with GDD’s newest member Tamara Sky, who also happens to be my sister in Overthrow. We’ve packed together some of our secret weapons to kick-start your summer indulgences. If you get really turned on by Tamara’s picks, you can catch her tonight at VERSUS. 10 tracks for download after the jump.


• Bear in Heaven – Reflection of You (Lovelock Remix)

Lovelock is another alias of the magnificent Steve Moore, along with Zombi and Gianni Rossi.  Under Lovelock, Moore paints escapade scenes of a retro-futuristic yacht orgy.  A tropical, cheesy, and passionate vacation never sounded better.

• Steve Moore – C Beams (Gianni Rossi Version)

This is all you need to ensure you do the cocaine induced pelvic thrust on your days of glory.  Need I say more?

• Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Beckoning Rework)

The remarkable Giorgio Moroder is, in my opinion, the world’s most innovative composer.  His single ‘Chase’ is a mind-blowing arpeggiating squirt dream.  Even though nothing is better than the original, this rework is a subtle modern take on the single without messing much with it.

• Shari Vari – A number of Names

This epic track from 1981 came out as one of the first techno releases from Detroit, heavily influenced by Italo-disco. I did this remake a while ago for personal use only because I couldn’t find a 320, and this MIGHT be the only one out there. I uploaded it just for you!

• Pussy Cocaine – Tiger Love

This synth-tastic electro tune, full of dirty fun lyrics will put anyone in a good mood.  Get it, because audio-porn is a must on your playlist.



• Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Bufi Remix)

Bufi is a Mexican producer who is quickly establishing a name for himself in the dark-disco world, and he absolutely smashed this remix of Little Dragon.

• Medlar – Terrell (Bicep’s Brooklyn Shuffle)

Up and coming UK sensation Disclosure put out a jaw-dropping mix with FACT this week, and they kicked things off with this tune.

• Small Pyramids – The Music

Summer is pretty much right there you guys.

• Moon Boots – Got Somebody

We just booked Perseus + Moon Boots to play in Miami in June. We’re really, really happy.

• Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix)

Sinden has been one of my favorite producers since I started DJing, and this track goes.