The Dirt #71: Tropicool + jonahberry

This week’s Dirt comes straight to you from the child of summer, Tropicool, and myself, jonahberry. We’ve carefully blended together the perfect recipe for you this week by finding the funk, multiplying the new hotness, then finally dividing a spicy touch of special, we’re left with a tasty 10-course meal.  We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed curating. There’s a touch of everything in here, so keep your mind, and ears, open. You might just find something you never knew you’d like…

jonahberry’s Selections

Swoon has already become a classic, and our boys No Body just stepped it up to another level. This remix keeps the beauty of the original while taking it down a deep, dark path filled with Electro and Techno madness.

I really wish that LTMP would reveal who they were already, but in the mean time I’ll take this amazing remix from one of my favorite furry duos, The 2 Bears. Good, solid Dance tune right here.

I’m heading to Detroit for Movement at the end of May, and it’s tracks like this from living legends like Moodymann that are really firing me up. Play this one at your next afterparty when things start to get weird.

The genre tag for this track on Nyteowl’s Soundcloud is “Emotionally Sadistic Love Disco.” Couldn’t agree more. Grab a tissue or two.

WOW what a combo! Long time GDD™ favs, DiscoTech, take a whack at the catchy Nu Disco number from The Knocks. Pure gold.

jonahberry’s zip (5 tracks, 50MB)

Tropicool’s Selections

Stuck In The Sound – Brother (Yuksek Remix)

The new one from Yuksek is a solid dose of synth pop gold. There are just the right amount of interesting sounds breathing fresh life into an otherwise overexposed sub-category.

Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)

A very funky nine minutes of Todd Terje awesomeness. Gotta love the lyrics and the warm glowing vibe; a perfect track to end your set, or night, on.

Punks Jump Up ft. Dave 1- Mr Overtime (Mickey Remix)

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this song ever since I heard it in a Magic Tape some 10ish tapes ago. Probably one of the hardest and most locked up tracks of the recent year. It’s beautifully perfect, and now It’s my gift to you.

Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)

I see Ladyhawke and the word “Sunday Drive”, and instantly think of Kavinsky. Well, this is definitely driving music. This track starts in the darkened hours of the morning and glows brighter and brighter till the sun is overhead.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits

A sunny tropical ballad laced so elegantly together with some R&B vocals. Although this combo is becoming more and more popular these days, I still can’t get enough.

Tropicool’s zip (5 tracks, 37MB)

♥ jonahberry & Tropicool