Nyteowl – Love Of Mine EP

Self-described as Post-Apocalyptic R&B/Soul, Minneapolis quartet, Nyteowl, are not your average electronic group. Sexy and soulful with an undeniable 80s electronic influence, Nyteowl use deep basslines and airy synths to create their idiosyncratic sound, which is why they got picked up by Juno Records‘ brand new London sub-imprint, Love Interest, for their new single, ‘Love Of Mine.’ Complete with remixes from Boy 8-Bit, Mighty Mouse, Brassica, and Hyboid, the Love Of Mine EP is an all around, top notch release. Pick it up on Juno on Monday the 30th and stream the entire release below. √+

Nyteowl – Love Of Mine – Brassica remix 128kbps MP3 by Love Interest

Nyteowl – Love of Mine – Hyboid remix 128kbps MP3 by Love Interest


♥ jonahberry