GDD™ Premiere: Punks Jump Up feat. Dave 1 – Mr. Overtime (Gigamesh Remix)

Joe Attard & David Andersson AKA Punks Jump Up are out with a grooving new single that features the undeniably sexy vocals from Chromeo‘s Dave 1, who supposedly heard a demo from the PJU guys and felt an urge to throw some words on top of it. On April 30th, the EP package will be released on Moda Music and accompanied by 4 other mixes of the original. Stream the premiere of the Gigamesh remix and read on for the full EP tracklist and another little surprise from Oliver. √+

Punks Jump Up – Mr. Overtime EP
1. Mr. Overtime (Original Mix)
2. Mr. Overtime (Club Mix)
3. Mr. Overtime (Mickey Remix)
4. Mr. Overtime (Oliver Remix)
5. Mr. Overtime (Gigamesh Remix)

Punks Jump Up feat. Dave 1: Mr Overtime (Oliver Remix) by Moda


♥ jonahberry