Kap Bambino – Devotion LP

For those who are fans of Heartsrevolution & Crystal Castles, you might be familiar with the original glitch boy/girl duo Kap Bambino. Emerging from Bordeaux, this French duo has continuously built a cult following in the underground scene since getting together back in 2001. Notorious for fearless live performances, their unique take on electronic music is influenced by heavy metal, grunge pop, punk, new wave and… arcade games.

Recently Kap Bambino released their fourth album, Devotion, but unlike their previous titles, this one is not as upbeat and instead delivers a much darker presence. It’s funereal mood adds diversity to the band’s range while still bringing their distinct euphoric synthesizer orchestra blended with anarchic punk, creating a new style in a way only they can achieve.  If you think you have strong eardrums, put them to the test with this digital madness. >:) devil

Album preview:

Video for one of my favorite tracks on the album ‘Rise':

✖ tamarasky