GDD Exclusive: Zimmer Interview + Horizontal Remix Package

If you are now a stranger to Zimmer, it will not be for long. The king of horizontal disco will soon be giving your girlfriend hard nips and make her hips move like the Caribbean Queen. His infectious beats are both soothing, yet funky, and are a breath of fresh air from the EDM norm. He is currently represented by North America’s premiere Disco label, Vitalic Noise, and has no plans of slowing down. I had a chance to kick it with him for a couple days and get the inside scoop on the future / past / and present of everything “Zimmer”. As an added bonus, he’s dropped off his newest mix tape and Horizontal Disco Remix Package which is incredibly amazing featuring the works of: Moullinex, Moon Boots, Broke One, Xinobi, Mercury, & Lou Teti.

Interview, Remix Package, & Mixtape After the Jump

GDD: Where are you from & How has that influenced your music? What elements from your past have helped influence your musical style / taste?
Zimmer: I’m French, grew up between a small city with a beautiful lake in the Alps and California, and moved to Paris later on. I think being close to the water influenced a lot the aesthetics of my music. I love cheesy sunsets and palm trees and that probably translates in my sound. Paris added a bit of elegance.

GDD: How do you self-describe the “Zimmer” sound?
Zimmer: I like to call my music “Horizontal Disco”. It’s all about summer feelings, groove and emotions. I love music that makes you feel things. I hope my sound is pretty cinematic too. Horizontal refers to poolside lounge chairs and sex. However, I like to experiment as well. For instance my next remix is italo disco with a twist of house.

GDD: What do you use in the studio and how does that derive from your musical upbringing?
Zimmer: As I’m moving around a lot, my studio is my laptop. Ableton Live is my workhorse. My favorites synths are NI’s FM8, the Korg M1 and Sylenth 1. I use Maschine for the drums. Speaker wise I have some Adam A3X. They sound awesome. In my opinion it’s the most important hardware part of a studio. I love having everything in my computer, as I like to make music anywhere. When inspiration strikes I want to be able to record anywhere, anytime. I’m convinced you don’t need that much equipment to make great music. For instance I still use Live’s stocks effects ! (I should really get a better reverb though).

GDD: Describe your perfect venue.
Zimmer: I played a beach party in Mexico recently. It was absolutely perfect. DJing form the top of the beach, right before sunset, with a massive soundsystem, and about just 100 people. Everyone was super chill, sipping coktails, dancing in the water… it was a virgin beach, lost in the middle of nowhere. It felt special. The top of the Standard in downtown LA is also perfect. I’d love to play there. I basically love to play outside.

GDD: How do you go about picking tracks you’d like to remix? Now that you’ve got a solid moon boots remix under your belt, whats next?
Zimmer: First of all, I only remix tracks I love. Music is art, there’s no sense of doing “commercial” remixes. There needs to be a hook that I can keep, either the vocal or some chords. Also, I like to remix bands more than other DJs. It seems like I can bring more to the table. My studio time is pretty limited, so I have pick carefully the remixes I do. I mainly do remixes for people I know. In this digital world, human interaction is more important than ever.

GDD: What are your 5 favorite tracks play out right now?
Zimmer: I get a lot of new music, but only a few tracks make it in my DJ set tracklist, so some of these are a bit old…
Balla – Montra (Moullinex Remix)
Chordashian – Sea Crest
Only Children – Down Fever
Mercury – Running Back To You
Zimmer – STYH feat. Jeremy Glenn (Broke One remix)

GDD: What are 5 artists we need to keep our ears open for?
Goldroom – amazing producer, he’s on fire right now. Plus he’s a really chill dude.
Drop Out Orchestra – every release they do is incredible.
Moon Boots – master of the synths and awesome guy.
Kamp! –their next single is killer.
Broke One – his old school house sound is amazing. The remix he did for Slave To Your Heart is massive.

GDD: Would you rather wear a permanent life jacket or permanent helmet for the rest of your life?
Zimmer: Mmm tough one. I’d say permanent life jacket. I don’t like snorkeling so that’s not a problem, plus with a helmet wearing headphones would be almost impossible!

GDD: What does the year of 2012 hold for Zimmer?
Zimmer: Studio wise, I want to focus on remixes right now. I haven’t done any last year, and this is something I want to do more. Next one is for Montevideo, a cool band from Belgium. I’m finishing one for Goldroom, and there’s 2 others in the work. I’ve also got a couple of tracks I did for fun, reworks of big hits from the 80s. These should drop soon as well. Regarding originals, I almost finished my next single, it’s pretty much in line with “Cruisin’”. Should drop during the summer. DJing wise, I’ve got a mini California tour coming up and some shows in Mexico. I should be on a full US tour early June and then in a back to Europe tour late June.