Gorillas on Drums – Miami is the Bomb (Shameboy Remix)

Well here’s a free firecracker to help you get over those Humpday blues and start roundhouse kicking your way into the weekend. Belgian producers Shameboy have cooked up a saucy little remix for Hamburg, Germany upstarts Gorillas On Drums that’s infused with some Big Room melodies, Future Techno basslines, and a tasteful amount of Dutchy bleeps and bloops that keep the song progressing steadily and your hips moving all along.

Here’s what the fellas from Shameboy had to say about it:

Here you go!! The guys from Gorillas On Drums asked us to do a remix for this track, which we did… As they really loved it, they were so eager to share this with you, the guys and us decided to actually give this away as a free download… They just wanted their Original track and our remix to be out there asap, that meant: no label hassle, no waiting around, and just instant pleasure :)

Instant pleasure… that just about sums it up.