Beni Geffin and Niall Dailly, aka Plus One & Beni G, but better known as the notorious Jack Beats – touched down on West Coast soil last weekend for “HARD Los Angeles” inside the historic, Wiltern Theater. Beni and Niall, both DMC champion turntablists and among the top producers of EDM globally have become a staple in the dance world – and a definite force to be reckoned with! Our Newestra brethren had the chance to share a couple beers and catch up with Beni & Niall backstage just before they went on stage, and talk a bit about their new live show, and what they’ve been up to.

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Gentlemen thanks for your time again, please introduce yourselves…
I’m Niall from Jack Beats
I’m Beni.

Drink of choice?
N: Currently I’m drinking Heineken.
B: I’m drinking Stella but we’re looking to move into something a little stronger later. We tend to have a drink mainly after the show.
N: We ramp it from there.
B: Definitely ramps up quickly! (Both Laugh!)

Known for your notorious DJ sets, DMC Champions, etc. We are all excited to learn more about this LIVE performance. Why the transition? What’s your whole motive behind the live set?
N: We developed this live set to accompany the album we’ve been working on, and then secondly just to try something different and experimental – not leaving behind the DJ sets because we love that just as much. We’ll always do both. But it’s quite fun to experiment with technology a bit and advance things.
B: And also create more of a visual, sort of light show as well. You know step things up a bit. Something that doesn’t always happen when you’re doing the common DJ routine.

What can we expect from this live routine? All Jack Beats original productions or are you working in tracks from other artists as well?
N: Essentially the live show is anything related to us, whether it is original production or remixes – we’ve had our hands in all of it.
B: Yea, it’s all our stuff man. (Smiles)

You guys have been working with HARD for sometime now. How has this particular promotion group treated you over the years?
N: Aaaw, man they are like our favorite dudes. Gary and the crew, we have a great relationship. From the start we knew we wanted to do our live show with Gary. We’re super tight!
B: They are some of the first people to support us and put us on…
N: On the scale of what HARD is, they were the first big festival size event to get behind us. So we got mad love them!
B: And not support like; “Hey we like your shit, we’ll book you.” but more of a “Hey we FUCKING REALLY like your shit!”

Not starting any beef with the East, but any differences in environment as far as HARDNYC and HARDLA go? You guys just wrapped up in New York, are you guys planning something different for this evening? Any significant differences you guys want to touch on?
N: To be honest the difference used to be pretty stark, for what we were doing. In the east coast it was smaller clubs, more of an underground vibe. And over here, well it’s kind of like how it is still now. The whole thing going on with dance music man, Terminal 5 was crazy – as I’m sure it will be here tonight.
B: Terminal 5 felt a bit like an L.A. rave and for the east coast kids that’s pretty wicked!

Let’s chat Ultra (UMF)… What was the experience like in Miami? How did it feel opening up the festival on Friday?
N: (laughs) It was pretty cool man, it was our first time doing Ultra. It was the opening set, but was the best opening set one can ask for with the massive amounts of people loading in right away. It quickly didn’t feel like an opening set, which was really cool!
B: It was super fun man, you know we had the choice whether to play the main stage at that time or do a smaller stage later on in the day – but we were advised to go big and we’re glad we did!

What’s the difference in playing US festivals over European one’s?
N: There’s like a few. Firstly, and it’s pretty fundamental is the weather – and that affects so much. Here there’s a consistency, you guys do festivals in the summer, you’ve got great weather – things go as planned. That doesn’t always happen at home. And secondly, people here rave unconditionally, man! At home, they have their moments.
B: But they rave too though! (Laughs)

‘Dub for Clubs’, what’s the motive behind that project? Instrumental esque type beats available for free download. Why the free treats?
N: We always wanted to start to give away music alongside our official releases that we sell – mostly for the fans of course.
B: Free music is just as important as selling stuff. That’s how we started, you know putting our tunes on blogs, and that’s the idea to keeping plugging stuff in that manner.
N: Guys like yourself that have been doing this for sometime now know who and what to look for, if it wasn’t for that culture we wouldn’t really be here now and have the opportunity to do things like we are doing tonight.

Is the Live show tonight going to venture in a bit of that ‘Dubs for Clubs’ direction?
B: To be honest, what will happen with the live show is going to be a lot of what you know about what we do for an hour, rather then breaking out with other people’s stuff – it’s just an intense hour of us. The direction will seem pretty familiar.

Any new on the release of your Full Length Album?
B: Apparently it’s August. After our summer, well I guess that’s your summer too. (Laughs)

Does the live set capture elements of the new album?
N&B: Yea, definitely!
N: Gonna try some things out tonight that you haven’t heard, so it’s going to be a bit scary.

Any fun collaborative efforts? Producers or vocalists you had the chance to work with?
N: Producer wise for the album we got the chance to work with Diplo, Dillon Francis, and there’s quite a bit more but we’ve been sworn to secrecy if you might say. (Laughs)

Final question and we’re getting personal with it… What’s your favorite sexual position & what do ya’ll bump in the bedroom? (Everyone laughs)
N: As in what music?
As in any music…
B: Hell mate…. (laughs)
Kill The Noise: (Joins conversation) Reverse Cowgirl!!!
N: Yes! Reverse Cowgirl
(Ladies all turn and smile)
N: While playing a little Al Greene, Lionel Richie.
B: Sade, remixed of course!
(All laugh)

Gentlemen thanks so much for the time, looking forward to the live set!
N: Big ups man!
B: Big ups!

Jack Beats: ‘Deeper’ (Dubs For Clubs: Part 2)

Jack Beats – Make The People (Dubs For Clubs vol. 1) [direct download via soundcloud]

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