GDD™ Interview W/ Etnik + Exclusive Mix

Last year turned out to be a great year for the 19-year-old German born producer Etnik and for good reason.  With a plethora of well known producers praising the young prodigy for his dark and unique sound, Etnik exploded all over the EDM scene. The final kicker may have been when Skrillex shared Etnik’s newest remix of the track, Summer, by the Berlin-based indie duo, I Heart Sharks.  Ever since, Etnik has been on powerful producers’ radars as he continues to churn out brilliant tunes left and right.  I consider Etnik to be one of my favorite producers, so I could barely contain my excitement when he agreed to do a GDD™ interview and record an exclusive mix just for you dirty dancers.

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GDD:  I just want to say thank you for doing this, I am a really big fan.

E:  Thank You.

GDD:  What is your drink of choice?

E:  Vermouth or white wine.

GDD:  You have been described as a “perfectionist,” how does this affect your music production process?

E:  I’m a sound designer. I always try to get the best sound out of an audio file.  This is also the reason why I love doing the mixdown and mastering myself.

GDD:  What are the pros and cons of being a musical “perfectionist?”

E:  To me the big pro is that there is a very high recognition value of Etnik, which for me, of course, is highly important.  The cons on the other hand are that I’m seldom satisfied with my work.  I’m always trying to improve while attempting to create a crystal clear sound.

On a side note: While I’m always busy improving and creating new techniques, my work certainly never bores me.

GDD:  Who are your biggest musical influences? Why?

E:  Honestly, I don’t have any many major influences.  Every kind of music influences me, even the background music at the shopping mall.

GDD:  Who in the scene do you particularly admire?  Why?

E:  TWR72.  Their drums are the best I’ve heard in a long time!  Playing their records at a gig feels like cheating, because the crowd always goes nuts!

GDD:  What do you think of the growing popularity of the EDM scene?  In your opinion, where is EDM heading?

E:  On the one hand I like creating music, which affects a great range of people you couldn’t possibly have reached a few years back.  But on the other hand it is sad to see the underground scene turning on you because you start being successful. Especially when you have your roots in that scene like me.

GDD:  As technology continues to advance, the means and finances required to make EDM have diminished to the point that an aspiring producer’s only tools may be his/her laptop and headphones, how do you think this will affect the EDM scene in the next couple of years?  Do you think this is necessarily a good thing or a bad thing? How do you think this affects the perceived integrity of EDM from an outside perspective?

E:  Of course it’s always getting harder to establish oneself as a producer.  There are just too many around.  But I don’t think this is a particular problem in EDM.

GDD:  What DAW are you using? Hard-synths? Soft-Synths? Which ones?

E:  I’m using Ableton Live as DAW, which for me, personally, generates the best workflow possible.  Generally it doesn’t depend on whether it is Analog or Digital, it depends on how you use them.  I always try to get a well-balanced mix between both of them.

GDD:  What is your ultimate musical goal?

E:  Good question, but I haven’t given that any thought yet.

GDD:  What’s next for Etnik?

E:  There is a Free-EP coming out on April 10th via Trashbags, an Australian label.  Right now I’m already working on the follow-up to that.  I will also play a couple of festivals this summer.  Dates will be up on my Facebook page soon.

Etnik – GDD Mixtape

Much Love,