GDD™ Review: The Do LaB Presents EOTO w/ Bluetech & Pumpkin @ The El Rey Theatre

Last Saturday, The Do LaB was at it again with their perfectly executed event complete with amazing artists and a sophisticated, yet free spirited & down-to-earth audience to match. It was one of our most memorable nights of the year thus far, and I’m confident that it will remain so. Please read on after the jump for our story of the night, complete with more exclusive photos that you don’t want to miss.

Upon entry into the main room, we were welcomed by the few soft purple lights on stage circulating over one of the openers, Bluetech, who was well on his way to setting the vibe for the remainder of the night.

His downtempo grooves certainly warmed things up under the sparkling chandeliers of the El Rey Theatre. After a short bit on the dance floor, we made our way around the venue to the live painting by Radhika Hersey (pictured below) & Tony Koehl. It’s always great to see other forms of art at a music show and at The Do LaB event, it was no exception with the great paintings that were being produced right before our eyes.

It wasn’t too long before the clock struck 12:30 am and the room was filled to the brim with an eager crowd ready to get down with EOTO. The curtain swiftly opened and revealed the “Lotus” stage design that most of the Angelenos had previously only seen in the video from it’s premiere in Boston. Michael Travis & Jason Hann were greeted with a very warm West coast welcome and they went on to man their stations in the Lotus.

Once the jamming began with an immediate energetic response from the crowd, it was certain that we were in for a treat. With live drums, vocals, and the looping of synths/instruments also played live, there was a distinct feel that is rare in today’s DJ dominated electronic music industry. EOTO is bringing jam band qualities to the scene with an irreplaceable human dynamic, as well as fresh & different sets every show through improvisation and pure creativity. By combining the sounds of electronic music, rock, reggae, and world music, among other genres, they concocted an eclectic mix of sonic perfection that is as much innovative as it is fun to dance to. Also, their music accompanied by their psychedelic visuals (courtesy of Zebbler) made the whole experience that much more incredible.

It was such a great time that no one wanted the night to end, not even EOTO. Unfortunately, the El Rey turned on the lights as EOTO was keeping it going past their set time. Though we would have loved for them to continue, we really couldn’t have been happier with the very successful musical journey that it came to be.

This Lightning in a Bottle preview was done with the usual Do LaB precision that I have come to expect from such an amazing company. I strongly urge you to attend their future events for consistent quality and something different with a unique sort of consciousness. Cheers to The Do LaB!

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