Exclusive Interview W/ BeatauCue

The French duo BeatauCue have been turning heads since their humble formation in a college dorm room.  Consistently pumping out impressive originals and remixes, the two young producers have shown no signs of slowing down. With nothing but a bright future ahead of them, it seems like BeatauCue are destined for huge things, which is why I was so excited when they agreed to a quick interview for GDD!

Check out the interview after the jump!

GDD:  What are your drinks of choice?

BC:  Champagne & grey goose

GDD:  How did you guys first get together and start making music?

BC:  We met at school. We discovered that we both loved making music and so we joined forces!

GDD:  Who are your primary influences and why?

BC:  Eric Prydz for his great melodies and his exceptional mixdown.  Also, Sébastien léger for his unique grooves.

GDD:  What means are you using to make music? Hardware? Soft-synths?

BC:  We are analog only. We are using a Tr909, Tb303, SH101 and a Doepfer Dark Energy Analog Synth.

GDD:  How would you describe the EDM scene in France at the moment?

BC:  France is great! The energy here is unbeatable, we are very lucky to be part of such a unique scene during such a unique time.

GDD:  What’s next for you guys?

BC:  After we finish up our US tour, we are gonna hit Australia and Asia.  Once we get home, we will get everything in order for our new single to drop April 9th.  The new single will be much more “pop” than our usual stuff and we have some great sounding remixes from Japanese Popstars, Adrian Lux, Yelle and DWNTWN.

GDD:  Pirating music has become extremely popular, easy and common; where do you two stand on the issue? Why?

BC:  We first discovered EDM by downloading tracks for free off blogs and we still occasionally do it.  We sometimes buy tunes when we cant find them in good quality on the web.  We don’t think it is as big of a deal as it is being made out to be.

GDD:  Large mainstream music festivals have become entranced with EDM, how do you think this has affected the scene?

BC:  We think it’s a good thing.  When these large festivals focus on EDM, they open the scene up to new people, who doesn’t want that?

GDD:  What was the best show you have ever played?  Why?

BC:  Inox in Paris was great, the crowd was energetic and massive!

GDD: Thank guys!

BC: Anytime GDD!

BeatauCue – Sharki

Much Love,