Amidst the chilling winds and the sporadic downpours, Insomniac Event’s Beyond Wonderland was a huge success ringing true to the dedication of the festival goers who withstood the unfortunate weather conditions to see some of the best in dance music all night long. Our very own Bones, Toks, and Korbin ventured out to the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino to capture their ‘best of the fest.’ Below they have given each their top performance of Beyond Wonderland, along with our exclusive photos of the acts themselves.

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Toks’ Pick: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 

The night was young at 6:30 pm and there was a chill in the air that was soon to be altered very quickly. Under the cover of the “Caterpillar’s Garden,” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike had just taken the stage and were on their way to heating up the crowd that was as much anxious as they were cold. The Belgian brothers didn’t waste any time boosting the energy with a set that was appropriate for a peak-hour time slot. With a plenty of big room hits and a hands-up vibe, they impressed me even more than when I saw them back in October for Escape from Wonderland. In addition to their skillful DJing, showmanship, and command over the crowd, I enjoyed their obvious influence of rock music that they exuded through dropping remixes of Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon, and Coldplay. Needless to say, it was a very memorable set that remains one of my favorites of the night.

BONES’ pick: Jamie Jones & Seth Troxler (B2B)

I ran into the festival chased by the rainfall, making it to the Mad Hatter’s Castle in time to catch Hot Creations head Jamie Jones and Visionquest phenom Seth Troxler. They had only recently announced the addition of Troxler and this special B2B set. Needless to say, the anticipation was through the roof of the tent. Despite the heavy rains and cold air, the dynamic duo kept the rapidly growing early crowd warm with their signature deep rolling bass lines. Playing many forthcoming tunes and unreleased gems, this rare tag team set proved to withstand the rains as house music prevailed.

Korbin’s Pick: ATB

The night was coming to a close as we headed over to “Madhatter’s Castle” to catch a glimpse of ATB’s set. The rain was coming down, so we scurried under the protection of  the massive tent, which was filled with thousands of trance fans. Chants of ‘ATB’ could be heard over the uplifting synths as we made our way onto the packed dance floor. There was something nostalgic about watching one of electronic music’s greats perform at a massive festival. ATB kept teasing the crowd by weaving the guitar-like hook from “9PM (Till I Come)” in and out of other tracks. There was no holding back for ATB. His extensive catalogue combined with an energetic stage presence kept the crowd in a frenzy for the entire set.  With thirty minutes left to spare, ATB dropped the club mix of “Ecstacy” while fog and confetti shot over the bouncing crowd. Looking out over the sea of dancing heads you could tell why trance fanatics chose to end their night to the sounds of ATB.