Yesterday marked the official release of the Remix EP from Julien-K’s ground-breaking album “We’re Here With You” featuring remixes by the artists who collaborated on the original tracks including SharoozBlack Asteroid, Benjamin Vial, Z-Listers, Vandal, and Neon Stereo. To tell us a little more about the EP and the blueprints behind the tunes, we were able to hear a quick interview with Amir Davidson (aka Circuit Freq) of Julien-K and artist Sharooz, whose remix we have for you as an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD on GDD™!


JK = Amir of Julien-K   SZ = Sharooz

GDD: So the EP began with the remixing artists collaborating on the original tracks before they were actually then remixed. Was this the initial idea behind the EP or was it something that just fell into fruition?
JK: I had the idea all along. I thought it could cross pollinate to multiple markets which would be great for everyone involved. I immediately hit some of my favorite producers out there… We were fortunate to have our good friends MOTOR (US,) Hyper (UK), Sharooz (UK), Z-Listers (UK), Benjamin Vial (FR), Neon Stereo (AU) & Vandal (UK) be apart of the album. The original writing process for the Julien-K album was more of an experiment & I wasn’t sure how it would all turn out. in the end we were all VERY happy with the results! The tracks all basically started with musical “seeds” from the DJ’s. In some cases this was just a drum loop at a certain tempo. Others we used more musical parts, and the one with Sharooz was actually done with the 4 of us in our LA studio jamming together. Doing the remix part was a little tricky for the guys to go back and revamp, but I was confident they would bring it! Which of course they did…

GDD: The Remix EP features a wide spectrum of takes on the original tracks. Do you think it was successful in the outcome of these artists productions?
JK: Yes! We are very happy with how it came out! These guys ALL did an amazing job with the remixes. SOLID!

GDD: Having said that, was their no idea to do a special Circuit Freq Remix? haha :)
JK: There was actually! But honestly we’ve been so busy touring around the globe with Julien-K we didn’t have time :(
Luckily we do have some new Circuit Freq coming, and we just dropped a new techno track called “Dirty Black Oscillator”.

GDD: You guys have chosen the Sharooz Remix of the single ‘Breakfast In Berlin’ as our exclusive giveaway. How did you guys meet and come about this remix project?
JK: I was a fan of Sharooz’ track “Adrenalize” and I used to open my Circuit Freq sets with it. I wrote him a message on Twitter and the rest is history. We’ve had a bromance now for the past couple of years haha
I actually stayed at his place in London recently (while he was in LA) and he has stayed at our places & used our studios etc.I think in this day and age its all about helping each other ya know? AND most importantly having a great time making music!
SZ: Haha yes. Amir was one of the first people I met in LA and he has a very professional and humbling attitude to music. It was great fun working with the guys since they’re all so laid back and it helps that we use a lot of the same gear!

GDD: What lies in the future for any collaborations with Julien-K, or with Sharooz for that matter? Shows together? More production? :)
JK: I certainly hope so! Writing “Breakfast In Berlin” was really easy and fun. Like I said earlier, it was the only track written where the other artist was actually in our studio in LA. All the other colabs were what we like to call “sonic postcards”. They were written by sending files back and forth across the globe.
SZ: I would love to collab on another track. Working on electronic collabs with computers never works for me because someone is always operating the machine and the other person shouting orders at them. With Julien-K it was awesome because we all play instruments and to me there’s nothing quite like composing on guitar or keyboards. I’d love to work with them again and I’m here ’til the end of March, so hopefully we can work something out!
JK: YES PLEASE SHAROOZ!!! I will also continue to seek out fresh new co-conspirators for future Circuit Freq/ Julien-K collabs :)

GDD: Thanks guys! Best of luck with the release and your successes in 2012!

Breakfast In Berlin (Sharooz Remix) by GottaDanceDirty

Sharooz @ VERSUS
This Thursday night, Sharooz invades our VERSUS party at the Central in Santa Monica! Don’t miss out on this special performance in a very intimate setting!

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