GDD™ Spotlight: Steve Huerta Interview + Exclusive Mix

Steve Huerta, formally known as GO FUNK URSELF, is a rising star in the LA Deep and Tech House scenes.  A UCSB alum, Steve is no stranger to us here at  GDD™,  and was previously featured with  Yooj for the track “On One.” We caught up with him one sunny afternoon to discuss production, crossing genres, and of course, his beverage of choice.

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GDD™: We always use the same icebreaker over here at GDD™. When the drinks start flowing, what is your beverage of choice?

Steve Huerta: Since an average cocktail in LA usually costs about ten bucks anyways, I usually just go for a Long Island to start off the night. But you can’t go wrong with a Lagunitas IPA if they have it.

GDD™: So true. You can never go wrong with a female owned brewery (Lagunitas). Haha. Steve, you’re an up-and-comer in the Deep House scene and you put together this exquisite mix for us. What can our readers look forward to in it? I know you are big into trying to merge sub-genres. Do you reflect this in the mix?

Steve Huerta: Some cool new stuff by young producers like myself (gotta support the up-and-comers!), some really interesting bassy, gritty house that’s been coming to my attention recently, as well as a few tracks by well known names right now. I kind of tried to bridge the gaps between what people consider to be deep, techy, Chicago, Bristol, or whatever you want to call it. If it’s got the groove then it goes into the mix! Good music is good music, and it’s a shame when we get lost in a discussion of sub-genres.

GDD™:  I could not agree more! It’s very refreshing to see an artist take such an academic approach to their style. So what can we expect from Mr. Huerta in the future?

Steve Huerta: I will be contributing my track Love Clap to the new PetFood Compilation coming out early this spring. Its going to be a stacked compilation with big tunes from Urulu, Lazaro Casanova, No Artificial Colours, Jae B., among others on the PetFood imprint. Yooj and I also have bunch of fresh music that should be surfacing sometime this spring/summer. I included one of these in the mix.

GDD™: Glad to year that you and Yooj are collaborating. I was listening to some of your older works from college, and they have a heavy disco influence. How has your style evolved since the then?

Steve Huerta: When I first start producing I was super into nu-disco and disco house, so my DJ sets reflected that, but every time i sat down to make music I found myself gravitating to more minimal sounds and tropical techy stuff. My interest in tech house and more underground stuff was intensified by my die-hard techy friends. They unloaded their techiest beats on me, but what I found to be most intriguing was the slower and more soulful sounds of deep house. The two styles are intimately related, and hard to distinguish at times, but I found that I could incorporate some of the funk and soul of disco into the realm of deep house. Fast forward a year later, and I can’t go a few minutes without hearing a dark, stabby subbass, and breathy bedside vocal, haha.

GDD™: The incorporation of those elements into Deep House is sounding great. Such a fresh sound. I know you like to combine genres with your work. Do you find that an easy task when collaborating with other artists?

Steve Huerta: Recently I’ve been going back and forth between super slow stabby jams (see “Revenge”), and more driving vintage house sounds like most of the stuff in the mix. Yooj and I usually collab nicely with the latter because I tend to be more funky and slow while his stuff can be very peak-hour type tech. It usually ends up landing somewhere in the middle. I also have a some bouncy booty bass type stuff that I’ve been working on with my lil bro Dan Huerta, but thats all top secret, haha.

GDD™: So our readers always want to know what an artist has on their playlists. Can you offer us some insight?

Steve Huerta: In the Gruuv Podcast 001, every track is pure gold. Its been on repeat for the last week.

GDD™: We know that you like to GO DEEP. Can you pinpoint a story when you lived by this motto?

Steve Huerta: Hmm… its hard to pinpoint one specific instance, but I guess just anytime that I have been completely unapologetic about staying up all night with good friends, listening to jams and dancing around like there’s no tomorrow. No doubt, the next day is usually brutal punishment, but its always worth it!

GDD™: Well thank you very much Steve. If this interview is any testament, you definitely GO DEEP.

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