The Dirt #64: Bones + Tre

Alright you crazy kids, this week the 64th edition of the dirt is being brought to you by GDD ruffians BONES and Tre. The first 5 tracks that Bones has chosen are a select group of big room DJ edits and  bootlegs that are meant to light the fire under your fanny and prepare you for one hell of a festival season. The second 5 tunes that Tre has chosen showcase a variety of his favorite genres that peak his interest right now in each category. So go ahead and collect-em-all, your ears are depending on it!

Grab all 10 tracks + zipped folders AFTER THE JUMP!

BONES Picks:

The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (Bingo Players Bootleg) *320

Hardwell vs. Gorillaz – Feel Good Spaceman (Clockwork Edit) *320

Starkillers & Alex Kenji ft. Nadia Ali vs. Diplo & Oliver Twizt – Go Pressure (Peacetreaty Edit) *320

Gregory Klosman – Low Battery (Betatraxx Edit) *320

Kaskade vs. Nicky Romero – Turn It On To Louse (Bassjackers Edit) *320

• BONES – The Dirt

Tre’s Picks 

Bambounou – Heroice Deeds (L.A.D.S. Remix) *320

L.A.D.S. (Loopusamadeus and Dark&Stormy) just sent me their remix of Bambounou‘s “Heroic Deeds” and it does not disappoint.  The buzzworth duo have turned Bmbounou’s original track, “Heroic Deeds” into a chord-driven, Tech-House gem.

St. Andrew – Protect the Throne *320

St. Andrew‘s strong understanding of both sequencing and synthesis are evident in “Protect the Throne.”  This track is a energy driven anthem that occasionally breaks down into unexpected and beautifully constructed melodics.

FuzZ – More Work *320

I don’t think I will ever get tired of jamming out to FuzZ.  Everyone of this kid’s tracks spews its own individual IDM flavor and “More Work” is no exception.

Hall of Classics – 201 *320

Hall of Classics‘”201″ has frequented my playlists for quite some time now.  “201” is a dreamy disco jam that is as colorful as it is groovy.

Scarlett and the Pixels – Spark (Lemmy Ashton Remix) *320

Lemmy Ashton‘s Remix  of “Spark” is vocally driven and catchy as sin.  Make sure to check this kid out and expect big things in the near future!

Tre- The Dirt #64 Zip