GDD™ Exclusive Interview w/ Aaron Snapes

Awhile back I got sent a track that absolutely blew my mind. Then I played that track out at our weekly Thursday night party and I think I blew the speakers in the entire venue. If you get nauseous easily, kindly close your internet browser now. If you’re into some serious, no nonsense, next level bass shit then look no further. I shit you not, it thoroughly and literally made the entire building shake.

That track, aptly titled C.T.C. (Call The Cops), came out last Monday and is now seeing support by the likes of Diplo, Claude VonStroke and the rest of the dirtyBird camp, and more. Check out the tracks below or through the artwork above, and then carry on to my interview with the man himself, Aaron Snapes, to find out everything you need to know about this newcomer from Leeds.

GDD: Alright let’s get down to it then shall we. For the first question we have a bit of a tradition here at Gotta Dance Dirty, what’s your drink of choice? When we meet up the first rounds on the company credit card!

Aaron Snapes: haha, I am a mojito man. Fresh taste, it is always busy times at the moment, so a nice light fresh drink wakes you up after the week has ended and gets you ready for whatevers got to come.

GDD: Good man. Make it down to Miami maybe and we’ll have more than a few rounds of those! Why don’t you give us a bit of an introduction to yourself, you literally just yesterday made yourself a Facebook fanpage… shed some light on the mystery that is Aaron Snapes if you will.

Aaron Snapes: Yeah sure, my name is Aaron Snapes and I am a producer from the UK. I am only hitting onto peoples radars now, but I have been working on this for many years. I have been into electronic music since… well since I can remember. I feel everything has really be building to now, from a kid going out to under 18 events, as a 13 year old kid dancing to drum and bass, then experiementing with pretty much every genre until I found house. Then going from that discovery of house music to Djing, just for fun, then DJing professionally. Then producing just for fun, then loving that so much it becomes my life.

I think the reason why people are only hearing about me now is because of my personality, I like to make sure things are perfect and right before going public with them. So this point has been years in the making, but I am now ready with my sound, the sound I am very happy with and with the experience I have built that I think means I can come out with high quality music consistently.

GDD: Who were the artists who got you into the house sound you say you’ve grown into now then? Who would say are your biggest influences in that regard?

Aaron Snapes: Yeah, when I discovered house I was about 17, so it was really the commercial house that got me hooked. That was there, easy for me to find. Once I was hooked on that, then I started delving deeper, going to see names like Sanchez in London for instance, I remember that being a night that sticks out. I then again, started doing my thing of floating through the sub genres, just finding great music but I think it is safe to say though I stayed in a very straight house groove for a while. But back in 2008, I was listening to a lot of music. I had now been producing for a couple of years for fun, I now had decided to produce with the aim of releasing music, I though I was getting good enough to think about that. And then I found this track many people would know – ‘Kitchin by Tim Green‘. That was it for me. That was the track that changed my entire production angle. That was me, fun, not taking itself too seriously and really groovy. That’s when I fell in love with the dirtyBird Records sound, got deeper into that and the majority of there reoccurring artists. VonStroke, The Martin Brothers, J Phlip and more reacently but very importantly for me Tom Flynn and Eats Everything.

I could list a full range of names really that I listen to but for me, what it needs is groove and a bit of fun, not taking itself too seriously. But when it comes down to thinking of writing a record, I don’t just use house influences, hip hop influences me a lot, dubstep, drum and bass, live acoustic especially very loose drumming tracks, etc. I thought I was getting good enough to think about that.

GDD: Yeah towards the end of ‘Oh Oh Yeah’ you can definitely here those dub influences coming through! And the bass in C.T.C. is truly something special. I think I about ruined the speakers in a club out here in LA a few weeks back with that one. So how’s it feel to have the support of that dirtyBird crew now? With VonStroke and Eats Everything and J Phlip all showing love and playing your tracks out?

Aaron Snapes: There is nothing more gratifying for all the hard work that I have put in over the years than just hearing someone say – that is a great track I want to play it. It just makes you think it has been worth it. And then you hear the guys you were getting influenced by saying it… it is a kind of jump out of your seat in joy moment. It takes a little getting used to, for instance I have the radio on here in the back ground, and CTC has just been played …

GDD: That’s incredible man. Congrats. As you’ve been producing and honing your sound over the years have you been grinding it out as a DJ too? You’re based in Leeds, but have you played a fair amount elsewhere around the UK or abroad?

Aaron Snapes: Yeah, I have now been a DJ for about 8 years, all UK based, but through out the whole UK. I would say I am known for being quite gadget and effects orientated, but knowing that they are only there to add to the show and understanding when enough is enough. I think it is very important to start at the bottom and work your way up as a DJ, I think that is the only way to really learn how to build a night, starting at the beginning and slow moving through the slots. You can see how important your earlier work is. And then perfect that to make sure the night is as big of a success as it could be

GDD: So do you throw your own events? Want to give a little plug about when and where real quick?

Aaron Snapes: I did throw some parties when I was down in Brighton on the South coast called Projekt with a few friends down there. Only just returning to the UK recently after being a way for a little while in Europe, I am now just setting myself back up in the UK. At the moment throwing my own events are a little out the question with the shear amount of work I have on. I am glad to say I now have too many music projects on the go.

GDD: Well there’s never any harm in being busy. What upcoming releases do you have that you can talk about besides C.T.C. which just hit the shelves at Beatport last week…

Aaron Snapes: Yeah, I have pretty much at least one release a month planned for the rest of the year. I was very excited to have CTC and Baltimore Baby released in LA on Perfect Driver Music label. I have a few more tech house tracks coming out over the next few months on a label in the UK called Now Then Records. Look out for the tracks called Escalade and From Stockholm. Then Perfect Driver will be releasing some more groovy EPs, going to be a good year! It think again like CTC all the tracks have there very own feeling compared to what else is out there right now.

GDD: Great to hear man it sounds like it’s all coming together for you. Hopefully the tracks will get the recognition they deserve cause I’ve heard them all and I can’t pinpoint one in the lot that’s not a total gem.

Aaron Snapes: Thank you.

GDD: Baltimore Baby is likely going to ruin these little desktop speakers I got. I’ll send you the bill.

Aaron Snapes: Its alright, Matt at Perfect Driver said he would pick up that cost… haha

GDD: I’ll just have him buy some mojitos :)

Aaron Snapes: Haha, yeah, I am sure he will be fine with all this.

GDD: Alright going to wrap things up here, quick last few questions just for fun, don’t think too hard on them. If you could have any animal as a pet, even extinct ones, what would it be?

Aaron Snapes: Its got to be a T-Rex, I used to love dinasour programs as a kid, no idea how I would keep it on a leash though. It can destroy the place like my track CTC is going to.

GDD: We just instantaneously became best friends, because my answer to that question is always immediately a T-Rex.

Aaron Snapes: haha, mojitos it is then.

GDD: Fuck yes. What’s the first thing you would buy with a million dollars?

Aaron Snapes: I would buy a lot of things to make one bad ass studio.

GDD: Okay last but not least, do you like to dance dirty?

Aaron Snapes: Yes Sir!

GDD: Only way to do it my friend! Alright Aaron thanks so much for taking the time and giving us some in-depth answers. Truly a pleasure and I can’t wait to hear more from you in the future.

Aaron Snapes: Thank you, Matt.