M83 Will Not Tolerate Bulbs/Whippets/Nangs On-stage

Early last week, Melbourne rock troupe Teenage Mothers branded M83 ‘the meanest band in the galaxy’ for unceremoniously dropping them as support act. As their story went, M83 frontman Anthony Gonzalez had a problem with Teenage Mothers frontman James ‘JK’ Kennedy doing bulbs onstage and almost setting fire to a speaker. This afternoon in an interview with triple j’s The Doctor, and picked up by Mess + Noise, Gonzalez was straight-up about the bizarre situation.

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“It’s hard for me to talk about it,” he said on air. “I didn’t like the way they behaved to my audience, offering whippets on stage and almost setting the stage on fire. You don’t do that when you open for bands. I have tonnes of respect for all the bands I was opening for. I just wish the band that opens for me have the same amount of respect.”

Gonzalez stressed that he’s “not against punk or rock’n’roll”, but said that Teenage Mothers “just crossed the line on this gig. I’m not the only one who makes the decision. My crew was against having them for the next gig. It’s just not professional…This is my career that we’re talking about, and I want to make sure things are under control – and it wasn’t.”

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M83 ‘the meanest band in the galaxy’? What do you guys think?