The Dirt #62: jonahberry + Troy Kurtz + burn unit

So many good things come in 3’s. Threesomes, Hanson, Lord Of The Rings, and The Dirt #62. This week, our weekly curation features submissions from 3 of us here at GDD™, including Troy Kurtz, burn unit, and yours truly. I’d say this might be my favorite Dirt in a while, but I’ll let you guys decide. Have a listen below and head over to the GDD™ Facebook page to download the .zip with all of the tracks!

 jonahberry’s picks

• Buddy Holly – Slippin’ and Slidin’ (Jacques Renault Remix)

Brooklyn-based, Jacques Renault, touched up this oldie from the legendary Buddy Holly for it’s digital re-release last month. Feel good grooviness.

• Beatles – Come Together (Lisboa & Luthier Remix)

This came out last year, but it was only just brought to my attention in the recent mix from Pleasurekraft that we hosted on Monday. If you love this song, and you love Tech House, you will love me for putting this up.

• Detboi – I Got Dope (CSY & Stripes Remix)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be supporting everything from this up and coming duo out of London. Big tingz for CSY & Stripes in 2012.

• Jonquil – It’s My Part (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Signature TEED sound laid beautifully atop Jonquil‘s mellow vocals. Single is out on Blessing Force the 27th of this month. 

Troy Kurtz’s Picks

• Matias Aguayo – Rollerskate (Original Mix)

I’m kicking things off with quirky track from Matias Aguayo. He samples all these weird sounds he makes and uses them as percussive elements. Half of what he says is undistinguishable, and the other half about roller-skates.

• Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (Gucci Vump Remix)

I don’t know what all the fuss about Lana Del Rey is about, but I’d totally take her out for an ice cream.

• Gil Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care of You (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy)

I closed my set with this the other night and all I saw were smiles. RIP GIL SCOTT HERON.

• Phonat – Set Me Free (Low Steppa Relick)

Bones put me on Will Bailey‘s side-project Low Steppa earlier this week. He rehashes this Phonat track and gives it an awesomely fat bassline that I’d love to hear in a club.

• Freeez – IOU (Original Mix)

I played this on a whim at Dim Mak Studios in LA last month and I’ve been trying to play it in every set since then. It’s more than two decades old and still sounds current. Amazing.

burn unit’s picks

• Junior Boys – Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

All-time classic circa 2006. Had been awhile since I had a listen but seeing a video of Jamie Jones dropping it at BPM brought it back full force and it’s been on repeat once again ever since. This YouTube video is a good way to enjoy it as well.

• Prince Club – Detroit (Original Mix)

The boys from the north side of the border pay homage to the original Mecca of Techno with this jam aptly named ‘Detroit.’ I’m amazed at how consistently awesome everything these guys put out is, and I’m not only saying that because Max recently made plans to crash at the GDD™ Miami Headquarters/late night techno lair for WMC.

• Larse – So Long (Original Mix)

There’s just so much soul in this track. This is what house music is all about to me. I positively NEED to hear someone drop this at 3AM upstairs at Electric Pickle in Miami (can you tell I’m excited to get back to Miami next month?)

• Massive Attack – Teardrop (Bareback DJs Bootleg)

Excellent rework by the Aussie badmen Bareback DJs. Love the sound these guys have gravitated towards in the last six months or so. And you know, oddly enough, Massive Attack in any form will always make me think of strippers. We got this stripper one time for SNEEVS’ birthday and she really liked Massive Attack and we put it on and… shit, I’ve said too much already.

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