Carl Cox Claims He Opened the Door for Dubstep

Carl Cox has claimed that he was playing dubstep, “three years before anyone even called it dubstep.”

Cox made the claims in an interview with Time Out, going on to say, “I never got known for playing that style. I don’t mind the now generation being seen as the pioneers, but there had to be a Carl Cox opening the doors for these guys.”

Read Skream’s response and more after the jump.

Dubstep big gun, Skream seemed to have disputed the claim on Twitter, by tweeting, “I would genuinely like to know what pre dubstep tracks Carl Cox was playing”.

Skream then went on to claim his tweet was being taken out of context and tried to rectify things by saying, “Before this get’s out of hand I would like to say I have nothing but respect for Carl Cox…True pioneer and an absolute legend!”

Another day, another Twitter misunderstanding.

So what do you guys make of the kerfuffle? And does anyone have any evidence of Cox playing dubstep? Send your videos of Coxy dropping ‘Midnight Request Line’ this way please.

(via Mixmag)