GDD™ Spotlight: Pleasurekraft

The year was 2010. A creepy, crawly song was climbing the Beatport charts, and House DJs around the world were supporting this arachno-tune that seemed to fit into any set. Pleasurekraft‘s ‘Tarantula’ had spun its web throughout the entire dance music community, before receiving ‘Best Tech House Track’ at the Beatport awards in Miami that following March. With handfuls of extremely well-produced originals and remixes as well as a global tour schedule since then, we thought it’d be good to catch up with Kalle and Kaveh of Pleasurekraft before their set tonight at Playhouse in Hollywood.

Read on after the jump for our exclusive interview as well as a fantastic new mix…

Pleasurekraft – Guest Mix Feb. 2012 √+

01 Format B – Country Girl (Original Mix) [Formatik]
02 Jamie Woon – Luciano’s Lady Luck (Kenny Ground Reconstruction Bootleg) [White Label]
03 Sneaky Sound System – We Love (Pleasurekraft Remix) [Modular]
04 Beatles vs Lisboa + Luthier – Come Together [White Label]
05 Danny Quattro + Grant Nalder – Something Radio (Original Mix) [Hofingers]
06 Pleasurekraft – Satyr Song (Umek Remix) [1605]
07 Pleasurekraft – Satyr Song (Original Mix) [1605]
08 Pleasurekraft – The Main Ingredient (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
09 DJ Madskillz – Wooze (Original Mix) [Bitten]
10 Pleasurekraft – Carny (Jaceo Remix) [Great Stuff]
11 Hectik Rivero – I Feel Fine (Original Mix) [Mr Nice Guy]
12 Pleasurekraft – The Main Ingredient (Jesse Perez Remix) [Hotfingers]
13 David Herrero – Have You Ever Wake (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]

Gotta Dance Dirty™: We always ask the same question first around here. What’s your drink of choice from the bar?

Pleasurekraft: Without a doubt St Germain – its a French liqueur made form elderflower. Mix with 1 shot Hangar One vodka (from Cali of course!) w/ 1.5 shot St Germain, a little club soda and a lemon twist and you have “The Pleasurekraft” – you didn’t expect an answer that detailed did you? :)

GDD™: The massive hit, ‘Tarantula,’ really solidified Pleasurekraft as a major player in the global Tech House community, especially with the nod from Beatport as best Tech House track of 2010. When you were in the studio putting it together, did you realize how well-received it would be?

PK: Not at all actually. We just felt it was unique enough to stand out from the majority of tech house out there – but when it entered the top 10 of Beatport’s Tech House chart we were beside ourselves, you can imagine how that feeling escalated when it entered the overall chart!

GDD™: Speaking of ‘Tarantula,’ there’s an eerie, creepy sense of sound in many of your productions like ‘Anubis’ and ‘Carny’ that really sets you guys apart sonically. How did you guys find this sound?

PK: We didn’t neccasarily sit down and try to come up with a “dark” sound, for whatever reason it just comes out of us. I don’t know if its just our general outlook on life and the way we see things that perhaps it just comes out that way in the music.

GDD™: It looks like you guys will be all over the place this month, with gigs everywhere from Mexico City to San Francisco to Budapest. Do you enjoy the travelling aspect of being an artist/DJ? Are there any tips of the travel trade that you recommend?

PK: I think like everything else in life there are pluses and minuses. Even the most glamorous jobs in the world have their cons. Is it fun sitting in airports/airplanes/hotels all by yourself for the majority of your time? DEFINATELY not. Is it incredible to travel on this little planet of ours and see people going crazy when you play live? Absolutely. Travel tips? Melatonin, don’t eat on flights, and be nice to your airline employees because they will go out of their way for you if you don’t treat them the way most people do on flights!

GDD™: What are the roles for Kalle + Kaveh? Do you guys have a symbiotic DJ and studio partner relationship? Or do you both do a little of everything?

PK: When we first started out we were sending files back and forth and working on tracks that way – then we actually managed to work on tracks simultaneously in studio together in Stockholm for large chunks of time, but about 6 months ago as demand for our productions and remixes grew, while the gig requests grew – we sat down with our management and agencies and all agreed that I would concentrate on the touring and Kalle would concentrate on the productions.

GDD™: You say that your music is inspired by deep, underground Techno, and it definitely sounds that way. Who are some underground Techno acts that you guys worship?

PK: Well I should clarify I guess, I used “techno” in the broadest sense the way a parent doesn’t “get” their kids music. I personally don’t listen to a lot of underground techno, some of course – especially more melodic techno, but prefer tech house as it has a much groovier disposition. I also love house music. But honestly I think Kalle and I are both influenced by so much music outside of the techno world that those things influence the pleasurekraft sound much much more than anything from the techno world. If you asked us our favorite producers regardless of genre there wouldn’t be alot of techno/house guys in there.

GDD™: Who is the funniest artist you have ever shared a bill with? Any day-job comedians out there in the Tech House circuit?

PK: Emmm well for me I always have a great time laughing whenever I have a chance to play with Curtis [Green Velvet]. He is such a wonderful person, but like his music has such a great quirky sense of comedy that its always a joy to hang out with him. Plus he is a realllly positive person who has been in this business a long time and has great perspectives on it for newer artists like us.

GDD™: Have you guys been in the studio as of recent? Any new tracks we might be able to keep an eye/ear out for?

PK: Funny you should ask as it looks like just as of today this new original is gonna be huge (is that arrogant to say?). We are going to get some vocals from Green Velvet for it who already did vocals for another track of ours as well that will be forthcoming this year.

GDD™: If you were supreme ruler of the Pleasurekraft nation, what would your national anthem be?

PK: This is like asking someone what their favorite song is – I am always marveled by people that can actually name a single song in the world that they would call their “favorite”. I have no idea! It most likely would not be a techno/house track as I can tell you that!

GDD™: Give us 5 chart tracks that we’ll be sure to hear at Playhouse tonight.

PK: Why do you want to spoil the surprise??!! Just “Treat Yo Self” as Aziz Ansari would say, to some “Pleasurekraft” cocktails with that wonderful St Germain and get your asses on the dancefloor. Let the music do the rest! See you all tonight!!!!!!!!!

GDD™: Thanks so much for taking the time. We’ll be sure to have a few ‘Pleasurekrafts’ in your honor tonight at Playhouse!

This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like (Pleasurekraft Remix) by thisisprovoke