Diplo, A-trak, & Skrillex to Collaborate + Billboard Interview Video

During the recent Billboard covershoot, Diplo revealed that it’s likely that there will be a collaboration between him, Skrillex and A-Trak. He said: “We have such different sounds but it’s not unusual for us to play each other’s records…it’s not even a weird idea for us to collaborate with each other.”

He added later: “There will definitely be something from the three of us soon.”

Catch the rest of the article + the Billboard cover shoot and interview footage after the jump.

The cover further illustrates the phenomenal growth of electronic music in North America, with the three DJs fronting the issue under the headline ‘Dance Dance Evolution: Ready for Mainstream Domination’.

In the video interview below, Diplo says that even mainstream pop is struggling to match dance music’s new found popularity in the digital age, “Now Skrillex songs will have, like, 10 million views and the new song from Madonna is working hard to get those views”. The chart toppers had best watch their back.

Check out the video and Billboard’s front cover below.

(via Mixmag)