The Dirt #61: Tropicool & aRod

The Dirt #61 is brought to you by Tropicool + aRod.  Expect a heavy dose of rooftop sunset vibes + beach haus grooves courtesy of Plastic Plates, Moon Boots, Gigamesh, Beni, Cosmic Kids and…Phil Collins (and many more!).  It’s a dozen disco-filled donuts, all available for your downloading pleasure (via the GDD™ Facebook page)!  Dig in…

Tropicool Picks

• Moon Boots – Aretha

Moon Boots is on absolute fire. His original productions have a very special funk feel and keep getting better. Definitely an act to keep an eye on if you don’t already.

• DJ Nibc & Patrick L ft. Andrea Cavaco – Call Me (Mercury Remix)

Another deep sexy groove by GDD favorite DJ Nibc. Silky vocals and an infectious bassline.

• The Do – Gonna Be Sick (Mylo Remix)

The holy god of all gods Mylo is back. This track is rather rock infused but an incredible remix. The guy is so diversely talented. Is there anything he can’t do?

• Princeton – Florida (Cosmic Kids Remix)

The new one from our LA boys Cosmic Kids. Magical undertones over a very nice indie dance track. Feel good any time any where.

• Plastic Plates – Toys

The first original production Felix Bloxsom produced under his own alias Plastic Plates. It keeps on building and is so multifaceted it’s mind-bogling. And of coarse the production is 2nd to none. One of the best songs of 2012 for sure so far.

• Stars on 33 – LUV

Feel good groove to turn that frown upside down. Pair this with a disco biscuit and a light up dance floor and you may never come home.

aRod Picks

• Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

After being (hilariously) mocked by Mike Tyson in The Hangover & Stewie on Family Guy, I never thought this song would recover and be cool again.  I was wrong. Cosmo Black brings it back with STYLE.

• Rodion & Khan (feat. Andrea) – Discoteca Romana (The C90s Remix)

FACT: The C90s always make solid remixes (If you don’t believe me, look up their remixes of “Crave You” and “Washing Machine”).  The C90s consistenly make can’t miss, go-to disco remixes.  This remix of Rodion & Khan is no exception.

• Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

One of my favorite characteristics of Gigamesh is his diversity.  He’s got a flair for mixing up genres from disco to freestyle to chilled out pop.  His remix of Grouplove shows a knack for playful disco pop.

• Fallulah – Out of It (Chameo Remix)

Danish producer Chameo brings the goods on this one.  Uplifting synths, blissful female vocals, epic breakdowns + a mountain full of catchiness & bounce.

• Matt Corby – Brother (Lancelot Remix)

Get used to Lancelot.  You will be hearing a TON of good things from him in 2012.  Whilst we wait for his “We Can Dance” EP to drop on February 20th from Binary (with remixes by Goldroom, Fabian, Moonchild & Frames) this beautiful Lancelot deep house remix should tide you over for the time being.

• Kimbra – Two Way Street (Beni Remix)

Capping off this week’s Dirt is a slow-burning, minimal house remix of the oh-so-lovely Kimbra from our boy Beni. Enjoy…

The Dirt #61: aRod + Tropicool – 12 Track .zip

Tropicool + aRod