The Dirt #60: Burn Unit + Tre

What’s up dirty dancers? I am very pleased to say that Burn Unit and myself are on Dirt duty this week and we have an eclectic assortment and some real gems in store for you. With a full spectrum from some groovy and deep house, all the way to some party rocking GDD™ Exclusives from St. Andrew and Captain Gascid, this is a Dirt not to be missed! Check out descriptions of the individual songs after the jump, and find the link over to our Facebook page where you can download a .zip file of all ten songs in all their glory!


• The Dirt #60: Burn Unit + Tre .zip (10 tracks) 


Tre’s Picks

Captain Gascid – Remember 2: The Reckoning *320

Ever since I grabbed Captain Gascid’s album Remember I have been listening to it on repeat.  The album is extremely unique and demonstrates a strong understanding of sound-design.  Original, groovy, psychedelic and of course acidic, Remember 2: The Reckoning is one of my favorites tracks off the stellar album.  So don’t miss out, grab this tune now!

*Also, head over to Captain Gascid’s Bandcamp page to grab his album!

St. Andrew – Midnight Girlfriend *320

I just had to feature St. Andrew (Djemba Djemba); the kid is a true production wizard!  St. Andrew’s production on this track is flawless and tight  . Pick it up!

Tommy Trash – Cascade (Original Mix) *320

Tommy Trash has been creating a lot of buzz lately and it doesn’t seem like it is going to fade anytime soon.  Cascade is a Progressive House monster that melodically builds you up just to drop you into a dirty beat.  This is the perfect track for any Progressive DJ that needs a dancefloor devastator.

Chuckie feat. Gregor Salto – What Happens in Vegas (Pierce Fulton Remix) *320

Pierce Fulton continues his climb from underground sensation to EDM household name.  Pierce’s What Happens in Vegas remix is clean, melodic and jaw dropping.  Make sure to grab this!

Angry Kore – Techno Killer (Original Mix) *320

I always like to throw in some dark sinister techno into my Dirt selections, so here you go : )

Burn Unit’s Picks

One of my favorite remixes of 2011, and this song has pretty much been on repeat over the last month or so for me. Beautiful vocals contributed by Shola.

It’s weird I can imagine this song being a standout track of a night out or just serving as the perfect soundtrack to fall asleep to. Really a standout track from top to bottom.

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Yes, you will love it. Sampling old R&B and hiphop cuts seems to be the key to my heart, because Eats Everything, Danny Daze, Lee Foss, have all produced some of my favorite tunes in recent memory.

• David Tort – Acid (Lost In Acid Ausfahrt Mix)

I can’t for the life of me remember where I found this tune, but fuuuuucckkkkk meeeee. That is all.

Sometimes there’s just no way around it… recent GDD™ featured vixen shae b. sent this to me today as a joke, but this track is anything but. Quality fucking house jam right here. Enjoy.