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Good morning! It’s Friday and I have personally curated (as always) this very extensive GDD™ Morning Update as a gift to you for the weekend. Today’s news includes Deadmau5’s views on Simon Cowell’s new DJ talent show, Porter Robinson’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix debut, Super Bowl XLVI’s music and performers, Bassnectar, and much more. Please read on after the jump, I know you’ll enjoy it.


Deadmau5: DJ Talent shows and the like.

Listen, first of all… let’s keep this in mind… a concept like this, and it’s predecessors are. Entertainment. We’ve seen alot of shows like this, american idol, dance off, dancing with the stars, blah de blah, we’ve seen it all. And it sure seems that EDM has been deemed fashionable these days to warrant it’s own long overdue primetime slot to the masses.

Theres just no way in hell im going to come out guns blazing with an attitude like “fuck this, this isnt real DJ’ing, or has nothing to do with anything and blah blah blah” This concept, if anything, is going to catapult the awareness of EDM through the roof. People dont have to embrace this as gospel… nobody’s asking anyone to.

Im guilty as charged, i’ve occaisionally stumbled on some “talent show” here and there and found myself locked into it simply due to it’s entertainment value…. whether it’s some total fuckhead faceplanting on live television, or some lil kid singer who’s actually pretty damn good. both eqally entertaining… but you wont see me sitting there thinking “OH GOD, THEYRE RUINING EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE” they arent.

A show concept like this new DJ one im hearing about is going to effectively do one thing, raise awareness to EDM. Yup, our poor little coveted secret cool underground society will be thrown into the masses. Is this a bad thing? i dont think so, let me explain why:

For the past couple of decades, weve had tons of amazing and talented DJ’s, and were all very grateful for that, and there is a HUGE influx of new DJ’s and producer hitting the feilds… so… with this new avalanche of new blood spilling ino the pot, that certaintly leaves the “scene in general” vulnerably to becoming very stagnant. Meaning, the same old stuff, done a million times over, sounding all very similar, looking all very similar, thus thrusting the culture into this “ive seen and heard it all before” phase.

Well, say we took on and embraced an idea such as a DJ talent show (which would no doubt become a smash hit) and used this as a conduit to see / hear / experience new things? Give the underdogs a shot, see what happens… and EVEN IF no massive worldwide careers busted out of it… well shit, sure would be entertaining to watch wouldnt it?

A few years ago, I felt i was in this spot that was just not going anywhere… i’ve played virtually every major nightclub in the world, and of course i felt very accomplished… but at the same time, i thought… well shit! this is it? now what? what happens after this? I could count the number of “DJs” or Producers on ONE HAND who could fill an arena, and put on a massive show. So i took a leap forward, put in millions into what you guys now know as that “cube” SHOW type thing…. not some dude mashing a crossfader and a play button. I wanted something more immersive than “a guy on a picnic table, playing songs together with an LED screen”

Funnily enough, the millions we put into that production didnt come out of my ass. It came from years of touring, playing clubs, and just having this vision with this whole mouse head thing. Fate just so happened to strap a rocketbooster under my mousey ass, and it literally took off to the moon. It’s more organic than anything else, or at least more organic than winning a talent show.

HAVING THAT SAID. My first gig was in Halifax, all i had was a picnic table, a handful of my own productions, and an ugly ass mouse head that only cost me $500 to make. In front of an audience of 100 that i gave my all too, and well… here we are now.

So ask me if im against a kid standing in line with a brilliant idea and a worldwide audience. nope.

All i hope is that we can all tune into a show like this, laugh at the failures, and recognize and embrace originality / creativity / showmanship and passion. and for the purists and self proclaimed elitists out there, feel free to keep your noses in the air while were all VERY much pressured to compete or collaborate with all the new talent that will arrive from the bowlful of hype the EDM “scene” will receieve.

i, for one, am very much looking forward to having to work harder, be more creative, and come up with new and insane off the wall ideas to keep my own “deadmau5″ project afloat. As for the rest of the artists out there hoping to keep theyre non-eveolving ideas afloat by doing the same things over and over and over again… well… good luck.
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Porter Robinson’s First BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Tonight!

“hey dudes, i’m playing an Essential Mix tonight on BBC Radio 1 live from Hull in the UK. locals can tune in at 12:30am GMT to listen. (that’s 4:30pm PST and 7:30pm EST in the US).

also i’m going to be world premiering a completely new song of mine. so listen!” – Porter Robinson

Tune in -> HERE.

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Super Bowl XLVI Is Getting Skrillified

The music supervision department at NBC clearly wants to do something epic for this year’s Super Bowl, which airs February 5 and might be the most-watched telecast in history. What music on the planet could be more epic than the scores of John Williams? The man did, after all, give us the soundtracks for Star Wars, Jaws, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones. And what could be more jaw-dropping than bringing in this “new” “dubstep” thing. (Maybe they read our Dubstep 101 Primer!)

No, this isn’t a satire. Billboard reported yesterday that John Williams’ 2006 “Wide Receiver” piece (a theme already used by the NFL) will be reimagined (we like to think of it as orchestral chopping and screwing) by composer Joel Beckerman, who says he’s transformed the piece into three new versions: one rock version, one “percolating soundtrack” version, and one dubstep version. According to the report, the three versions will bookend commercial blocks for the most part, but if the Lucas Oil Stadium (in Indianapolis, where this year’s Superbowl is being held) turns into a giant rave on the 5th, at least you’ll know why. As SPIN previously noted, Madonna will be the show’s halftime performer, and her rumored guests now include Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, and Cee-Lo Green.

We now patiently await the dubstep remix of the Jurassic Park. score.

We’re pretty sure this, the main NBC/NFL theme music, is the “Wide Receiver” piece up for dubbification:

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Bassnectar Fall Tour 2011 Recap


SBTRKT to Tour With Sepalcure, Machinedrum

Update: SBTRKT has also announced the release of a 12″ vinyl single for the cut “Wildfire” from his 2011 LP. It’s out February 21 on XL and features the original version, an instrumental cut and Drake’s OVO remix.

UK bassman SBTRKT is about to begin a long tour in support of his excellent self-titled LP from last year. He’ll play dates in Australia, Europe, the UK, and North America, including stops at SXSW and Coachella. Producer Travis Stewart will join the bill as both Machinedrum and one-half of Sepalcure for several dates. New signing to XL imprint Hot Charity Willis Earl Beal will also open.

The full schedule is below, followed by SBTRKT’s video for “Pharaohs” with Roses Gabor.


01-28 Brisbane, Australia – Laneway Festival
01-30 Auckland, Australia- Laneway Festival
02-03 Sydney, Australia – Metro Theatre
02-04 Melbourne, Australia – Laneway Festival
02-05 Sydney, Australia – Laneway Festival
02-09 Melbourne, Australia – Prince Bandroom
02-10 Adelaide, Australia – Laneway Festival
02-11 Perth, Australia – Laneway Festival
02-15 Lille, France – Le Grand Mix *
02-16 Nantes, France – Stereolux *
02-17 Paris, France – La Machine *
02-18 Strasbourg, France – La Laiterie *
02-22 Sheffield, England – The Plug ^
02-23 Manchester, England HMV Ritz ^
02-24 Leeds, England – UNI Stylus ^
02-26 Glasgow, Scotland – The Arches ^
02-27 Lancaster, England – Lancaster Library ^
02-28 Nottingham, England – Rock City ^
02-29 Birmingham, England – HMV Library ^
03-01 London, England – Koko ^
03-06 Cologne, Germany – Gloria
03-07 Amsterdam, Netherlands – 5 Days Off
03-15-17 Austin, TX – SXSW
03-18 New Orleans, LA – Mardi Gras World
03-21 Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge #
03-22 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade #
03-24 Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
03-25 Miami, FL – Ultra Music Festival
03-27 Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre #
03-28 Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel #
03-30 Washington, DC – 930 Club %
03-31 Philadelphia, PA – TLA %
04-02 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall Williamsburg (DJ set) !
04-03 New York, NY – Webster Hall !
04-04 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club %
04-06 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues %
04-07 Chicago, IL – House of Blues %
04-08 Madison, Madison, WI – Majestic %
04-10 Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre %
04-11 Aspen, CO – Belly Up %
04-13 San Diego, CA House of Blues #
04-14 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-16 San Francisco, CA – The independent #
04-18 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom #
04-21 Indio, CA – Coachella
05-06 Dublin, Ireland – Academy
06-01 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
06-02 London, England – Field Day

* with Karin Park
^ with Disclosure
# with Machinedrum
% with Willis Earl Beal
! with Sepalcure

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Benny Benassi & Friends Teaser

Benny Benassi premiered Benny Benassi & Friends in his hometown of Reggio Emilia, Italy where musically it all began to a sold out one night only performance. Benny Benassi & Friends is a rich visual show coupled with a stellar musical lineup – Benny Benassi, Congorock, Pink is Punk and Rivaz in the mix. In 2012 Benny Benassi and Friends will go on tour in the US and Europe – Stay tuned.

Borgore – Flex (Dubstep Mix) (Official Video)

Borgore’s video for his latest single! Available to download FREE from: Flex EP including remixes from Document One, Coven and Figure + Borgore v Dev ‘Kiss My Lips ‘ out 5th March 2012 on Buygore Records

2 Bears’ 10 best dance tracks of all time

The 2 Bears have received rave reviews for their debut album Be Strong, a record that is a hymn to the very best of a number of diverse strands of dance music. In fact, there are many explicit nods to the joys and the humorous perils of club culture – they sample DJ Andrew Weatherall recalling ruefully that ecstasy can be a mixed blessing: “I went from listening to Throbbing Gristle’s Hamburger Lady to dancing to Josephine by Chris Rea.” (You can listen to Be Strong in its entirety here.)

We asked Raf Rundell, the Bear who isn’t Hot Chip member Joe Goddard, to write about what they consider to be the 10 best dance records of all time. “We’ve been agonising over this,” Rundell says in an email. “It could be a list of 200 records. So this isn’t an all-time list – we’ve just tried to represent a bit of everything that we’ve loved and raved to ourselves. Apologies that there’s no I Feel Love or Planet Rock or Cybotron or Innercity Life. Everyone knows those are great records anyways …”

Moodymann I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits Planet E, 1997

The phrase “disco-nagger” was coined for this. Built from a sample of I Want Your Love by Chic, it’s hypnotic, soulful, tough and funky. Moodymann is one of dance music’s enigmas. He has been consistently putting out great music for nearly 20 years now – and doing it completely his own way. Much loved by suburban white boys like me.

DJ Rolando AKA The Aztec Mystic Knights Of The Jaguar
Underground Resistance, 1999

I first heard this during the techno wars of the late 90s. We were driving across an empty London at 4am and this tune was on a mix CD by DJ Rolando from Underground Resistance. This was the opening track and it left me speechless: it’s amazing, emotive Detroit techno, full of drama. There’s a real funk to it and it’s covered in fruity Latin percussion.

Cali Swag District
Teach Me How To Dougie
Capitol, 2010

We had to have some hip-hop in here and though this may not be the most lyrically edifying jam, it is unstoppable in a club. The Dougie is a dance like the Jerk (look it up online). The beat is super-sparse and bass-heavy. The story of CSD has all the west coast cliches: ex-Death Row artist; legal wranglings; 22-year-old band member murdered in a drive-by.

Percolator Cajmere

Cajual Records, 1996

Another key track in techno warfare. Cajmere – AKA Green Velvet, AKA Curtis Jones – from Chicago is one of the all-time great producers of house and techno. This is fiendishly clever and utterly moronic at the same time – an assault of bangs and squarks and a relentless voice telling you that “It’s time for the percolator”. It makes the walls fall off nightclubs when played at the right moment.

Joe Smooth
Promised Land
DJ International, 1987

The lyric runs: “Brothers, sisters, one day we will be free from fighting, violence, people crying in the street. When the angels from above fall down and spread their wings like doves, and we’ll walk hand in hand. Sisters, brothers we’ll make it to the promised land …” ‘Nuff said, really.

Wookie Scrappy Manchu, 1999

Wookie was a protege of Jazzie B at the Soul II Soul studios in Camden. He had top 10 hits and still DJs and makes great music. It’s hard to describe: begins with a brilliant Fender Rhodes riff, in comes a breakbeat, vibraphone, other percussion, then bang, a wicked bassline to make the club jump. I blew the speakers when I got this home from Black Market records in Soho.

Roy Davis Jr Gabrielle
Large Records, 1996

Another record that’s difficult to define. A US house record that became a classic on the UK garage scene. This is real modern soul music (or was, 15 years ago). Great vocal, great song, great horns. Simple production.

Solid Groove This Is Sick
Front Room, 2005

Dave Taylor – AKA Solid Groove – is one half of Major Lazer and one of the UK’s most consistently forward-thinking producers. Everyone went bananas when he dropped this. It’s a genuinely strange tune, but everyone loves it. It heralded a new era in UK club music. Then he left everyone to it and went to LA to produce Beyoncé. Props!

69 Ladies And Gentlemen
Planet E, 1991

The first of Carl Craig’s three 12in releases as 69. I could have picked Desire or Jam The Box but this one caught me as a youngster. Because it said,”tested at selected space labs. approved by 66 for interplanetary disco dancing and accenting passionate quadrophonic sex sounds, techno for masses”, I bought it without listening to it. Techno with real soul.

More or less anything on the Filthy Riddim EP Main Street, 1998

I moved to Brixton in 1998 and you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing this. The most famous cut is Mr Vegas’s anti-cunnilingus anthem Heads High. But there are amazing turns from Beenie Man, Hawkeye, Red Rat, Lady Saw and loads more that I don’t know. The beat itself is very simple but has amazing, infectious energy.

Ten more classic dance tunes, chosen by 2 Bears

Danny Tenaglia & Celeda Music Is The Answer Twisted Records 1998

The Kings Of Tomorrow ft Julie McKnight Finally Defected, 2000

St Etienne Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves) Heavenly Records, 1991

Dee Patten Who’s The Badman Hard Hands, 1995

A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray Warlock, 1988

Inner City Good Life 10 Records, 1988

Basement Jaxx Flylife Atlantic Jaxx, 1997

Isolée Beau Mot Plage Playhouse, 1998

Joy Orbison Hyph Mngo Hotflush, 2009

Firefox & 4 Tree Warning Philly Blunt, 1994

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Cazzette NYE 2011 in NYC + Ultra Music Festival 2012 Announcement

Cazzette got the chance to play on the ball drop of AVicii’s NYE party @ Pier 94.

TRACK: “CAZZETTE – Make Some Room (Original Mix)”


Datsik’s New Visuals Teaser, Premiering Live on the Deadmeat Tour

Don’t be teased, check out Datsik’s all-new live visuals by visiting Dim Mak Live or for all Deadmeat tour dates and info!


First Wave of Acts Released for Exit Music Festival

Exit is back. Yes! The Serbian festival has just announced its first wave of artists and we’ve got the full details.

The mighty New Order will headline the Main Stage, while Buraka Som Sistema bring their voodoo-bass antics to the Fusion Stage.

The dance stage kicks off with a special Cadenza Records special. Luciano, (Reboot live), Kenny Larkin, Robert Dietz and Maayan Nidam are all confirmed and will take to the controls.

Exit takes place across the weekend of the 12-15 July. Early Bird tickets have sold out, but Standard tickets are on sale now for a very reasonable £95. Click here to buy a pair.

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Hideout Festival Announces 30 New Acts

Hideout Festival now boasts a DJ set from one of the biggest acts in drum & bass and dubstep – Chase & Status, who have recently been nominated for Best British Band at the Brit Awards. Now joining his counterpart Skream at the event is the other half of one of the most legendary Duo’s in dubstep – Benga.
The new BBC Radio 1 ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’ DJ will be stepping up to the plate and spinning some innovative dubstep sounds alongside his long-standing musical collaborator.
German act Loco Dice is now set to add his unique take on house and techno to the line-up, while Resident Advisor’s 2011 2nd best DJ in the world Seth Troxler has also been confirmed.
Dubstep favourit SBTRKT will be bringing big beats from behind his mask, while Canadian act and owner of Turbo Recordings Tiga will also be stepping up to the plate.
Ticket holders can also now expect to hear one of the original pioneers of drum & bass Shy FX, head honcho of Digital Soundboy, as well as Redlight, who’s recently released single ‘Get Out My Head’ is set to storm into the charts this week.
Hideout is also welcoming into it’s elite assembly the likes of huge Canadian talent Art Department, global electronic leaders Aeroplane, Scuba, Simian and Mobile Disco to name but a few. 
With all this confirmed and yet more added extras to come, Hideout Festival 2012 really is proving itself to be the essential festival of this summer and is in place to surpass the caliber set by last year’s event. Not for the faint-hearted, Hideout Festival 2012 will once again combine the beautiful setting of a beach holiday with the intense euphoria of the most turbo charged electronic festival.


Ibiza’s 2012 Clubbing Season Set to Start Earlier Than Usual

If the dates of IMS and the opening parties for Space and DC-10 are anything to go by, this summer’s season in Ibiza looks set to start a week earlier than usual.

At first glance the dates don’t look much different from last year’s: Space’s opening fiesta will happen on the 27th instead of the 29th, DC-10’s on the 28th instead of the 30th, and International Music Summit will get started on the 23rd instead of the 25th. This two-day gap is deceptive. The reason for this is a bit convoluted, so bear with us.

Traditionally Space’s opening party has happened on the first Sunday in June, except when there are five Sundays in May, as there were last year, in which case it’s taken place at the end of May instead. This year Space and DC-10 will once again open at the end of May, despite there being only four Sundays in the month, thereby moving their opening parties forward one week, if ever so discreetly.

That might not seem like such a big deal for some, but for Ibiza regulars who book their flights well in advance, it’s worth making a note of. It also suggests an expansion of the clubbing season in general, something club owners on the island have been pushing for lately.

We’ll have details on the lineups for the opening parties sometime in the months ahead. Tickets for Circo Loco’s opening events at DC-10 are already available here on RA.

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