GDD™ Spotlight: Hot Mouth

Jon Pegnato, known to the dance music community as Hot Mouth, is a class act. After a recent separation with LA Riots toward the end of 2011, Jon breathed life back into his solo project and pumped air into his blow-up doll — ready to take on 2012. After just signing a residency at Moon at the Palms in Vegas, joining up with George Karalexis and Faux Entertainment, and becoming a member of the Liaison Artists family only in the past month, I felt the urge to catch up with Jon and hear all about the plans for Hot Mouth.

Read on after the jump to hear about the Hot Mouth ethos, Jon’s perfect Coachella lineup, upcoming collaborations, and the first edition of Hot Mouth mixtapes exclusive to GDD™.

Hot Mouth Jan 2012 GDD Exclusive MIX by hot mouth

Firebeatz – Funky Shit
Xeffer – Jack it up
Firebeatz – Punk!
Micky Slim – I’m a Freak
John Dahlback – Overdose
Chris Lake & Nightriders – Love that Sound
DJ Delicious, Till West – NYPD
DJ Dan – Nasty Night Out
Mord Fustang – We are now Connected
Nom De Strip & Hot Mouth – Wear The Trousers (Nom De Strip Edit)
Tristan Garner, Gregori Klosman – Bounce
Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano – Pondo (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Mix)
Felguk – Jack it
Dirty South, Thomas Gold, Kate Elsworth – Alive feat. Kate Elsworth – Tommy Trash Remix
Chris Lake, Nom De Strip, Hot Mouth – Bleached (Preview Edit)

Gotta Dance Dirty™: It’s always the first question in a GDD interview. What do you wet your whistle with?

Hot Mouth: Whiskey and Beer!

GDD™: Hot Mouth is a project that started before your involvement with LA Riots in 2009. Did you keep the same sound going as before or are you looking to take Hot Mouth in a different direction now?

HM: My sound has definitely evolved over the past 3 years, but the one that hasn’t changed for Hot Mouth is keeping the music fun.

GDD™: What kind of chewing gum can extinguish Hot Mouth? Is there any cure?

HM: Whiskey.

GDD™: I’d say that the blow up doll, Ursula, from Super Troopers is probably the most famous blow up doll, at least in my mind. Do you have a name for yours? Do you see her career blossoming along with the onslaught of Hot Mouth?

HM: I decided not to give her a name just because I dont want to get attached if something happens to her. Plus im not very creative when it comes to names. But if anyone has any idea what I could name my plastic friends…im up for it.

GDD™: Paint me a picture of the perfect main stage Coachella lineup. Any genre. Any Artist, DJ, Motivational Speaker, etc. Let’s go with 7-10 acts.


GDD™: Collaborations are really increasing among dance music artists these days, and you seem to be working with quite a few other artists — Chris Lake, Nom De Strip, Felix Cartal and more. Is it a friendship then collaborator relationship or the other way around? Seems like a chicken and the egg situation.

HM: I really don’t like any of the people I collaborate with. They are all really mean and very untalented….they just have a name, so I just use them.

Actually I love them. I only like to work with people I admire and people I call my friends. It’s hard to work with people that don’t know what they are doing.

GDD™: What does Hot Mouth do when he’s not in the studio with his blow up doll?

HM: We go on bike rides, talk politics, fold paper into animals…the usual.

GDD™: Would you rather be E. Honda from Street Fighter or Raiden from Mortal Kombat? Basically, do you want to 100-hand slap bitches or be a thunder god?

HM: I am thunder god.

GDD™: How did you go about making this mix for us at GDD™? Any specific way our dear readers should enjoy this best?

HM: Honestly just went thru some of my favorite tunes at the moment. Its my first mix for Hot Mouth in 3 years, so I wanted to make sure it was fun and a little bit different from what most would expect. Everyone right now seems to be playing dubstep, EPIC house music, or deep house….so I thought these would be fun. Its great to listen to when you have to do the dishes or clean your bath room. I hate doing those things, and anything to make that experience more enjoyable I’m in…even if it means I have to listen to my own mix.

GDD™: What’s next for Hot Mouth? Give us the dirt on any new releases, shows, etc that you and your blow up doll have coming up.

HM: Have some big collaborations coming out with Chris Lake & Nom de Strip. I put a couple in the mix….As well as an original with Felix Cartal & Peace Treaty. Basically just trying to make as much music as I can right now. I’ve been really inspired with music at the moment. So many good songs out there…and SOOO many HORRIBLE songs…its just makes me want to lock my self in a room and make tunes.

GDD™: That sounds good to us. Thanks for the time, sir, and we look forward to hearing more from you this year!

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