Another great name making their prominence known early this year have been Jokers Of The Scene. The Canadian duo just last week released a techno shaped 5-track EP on Fool’s Gold Records called J0T5, with a seasoned RMXD EP on deck. Over the weekend we were able to sit down (on the internetz) with the Jokers to hear a little more about the EP and what else is new. So give it a read! You might just learn a thing er 2… Oh did I mention the exclusive remix they wanted to give the GDD readers just because they love you that much? SCORE.


GDD: First off, lets get to know these Joks… what’s your favorite drink? First one is on the blog.
JOTS: Chocolate milk (Chris) and a toss up between black coffee and carbonated water (Linus).

GDD: You guys have just released a colossal EP, J0T5. Having come a long way since the blogger Electro House styles we all used to love, what were your motives and methods in these new originals? Did you try to incorporate sounds of your back catalogue?
JOTS: We generally don’t have any pre-conceived ideas or methods when we enter the studio, it usually just all comes to be through exploration. However, I think if there’s anything that’s always motivated us, it’s to discover new territory by taking things in new directions. As we broaden our scope, our ‘sound’ has become more expansive. We’ve always strived to not repeat ourselves while retaining a cohesive identity.

GDD: Killing Jokes I and II work as the introduction and conclusion to this EP in a cinematic-esque composure. What was the inspiration behind them?
JOTS: It was somewhat unintentional, at least initially. Killing Jokes I was basically the earliest stages of what eventually turned into Killing Jokes II. We liked how it sounded early on, so we decided to mix it down as it stood on it’s own as a short ambient piece. On the other hand, we knew we could take it so much further so the decision was made to continue working the song and make it into two parts.

GDD: And towards the other originals on the EP, were you trying to create a sense of unison in the EP’s entirety? Or show something specially different about each track?
JOTS: Not consciously. Before we started the sessions we knew we wanted to come up with another single, perhaps one or two tracks. But once we started working, so many different ideas were recorded that we started working on multiple tracks concurrently. That created a natural unison and it was quickly evident that the songs were strongest when listened to together. We starting paying more attention to the body of work itself rather than the individual songs so we could give the record an appropriate flow. We wanted it to sound as though it was growing or expanding as you listen through – starting tiny and ending colossal.

GDD: Just to get technical, what programs and hardware are you guys using to produce? Any favorite plug-in or machine that really identifies the JOTS sound?
JOTS: We don’t talk too much about the stuff we use to protect our secrets and methods, but it’s mainly made with hardware. Synths, drum machines, miking various instruments, etc. We don’t use any soft synths or midi. We work similar to a band, overdubbing various performances and takes. We often mess around with different recording techniques to obscure sounds, bring them in and out of focus, and manipulate them in endless ways. Another secret to our sound is an old Echo Gina soundcard from the 90s that gives the recordings a distinct warmth.

GDD: The EP has just come out this week on Fool’s Gold Records, whom you’ve been a part of for quite some time now… was it easy to choose them as the best fit for the release? You guys are like family, right?
JOTS: Indeed we are. We’ve been with them since the beginning!

GDD: The follow-up to this release is the J0T5 RMXD EP, featuring an impressive variety of remixes. How did you go about choosing these particular remixers and what are you happy about most in the results?
JOTS: We wanted to ask a diverse array of artists to reinterpret the music, and we’re big fans of all of them. They all did such an amazing job and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Hearing the diversity and unique creativity from each act has been very pleasing. Plus it helps get our music heard by a wider variety of people who may not be familiar with our sound.

GDD: You guys have been nice enough to let us share the Cosmic Kids Remix with our readers… with all the free music out there now, do you guys think its important to give away tracks or mixes to your fans?
JOTS: We definitely think so. The music industry has changed (for better or for worse), and we need to adapt with it. Obviously we’d like our work to sell so we can sustain what we do, but we never expected to receive as much attention as we have in the first place. We’re happy to give away a track or mix.

GDD: With a big EP out already early in the year, what else is in store for JOTS? Any upcoming releases, remixes or collaborations you guys can hint us about?
JOTS: We plan to continue working extensively in the studio. We are about to unveil our new side project, Blank Capsule. It’s a band project with vocalist Bryce Kushnier (aka vitaminsforyou) and our first single is out next month on Hi-Scores. Also, we’re currently working on a collection of songs and a remix in collaboration with Renaissance Man that we’re planning to release later this year. Currently we are being far more selective with remix work, but there a few on the horizon. Stay tuned!

GDD: And after this release on the label, can we expect to see you guys back on for the Fool’s Gold showcases @ SXSW and Miami for WMC? What about any tour plans or big gig dates this year?
JOTS: We will definitely be touring extensively in support of the new record and look forward to getting back to Europe in the near future. As for SXSW and Miami, those details are still being worked out, so hopefully we will be able to announce full details soon!

GDD: Sounds great guys. We’re glad to see you making big waves in the scene once again, and we look forward to your success over the new year. Thanks for taking the time with us and we hope to see you soon!

And as promised, we have the Cosmic Kids remix of  ‘Organized Zounds’ – giving you a deeper funky house vibe on the techno original. As a double bonus, the Jokers have already given away the grittiest tune on the J0T5 EP, entitled ‘Black Mountie.’ DOUBLE SCORE.

Jokers Of The Scene – Organized Zounds (Cosmic Kids Remix) by GottaDanceDirty

Jokers of the Scene “Black Mountie” by Jokers of the Scene