Shindu – All In My Fridge (Pharao Black Magic) + Interview

Our friends Pharao Black Magic just sent over their radical and quirky remix of Shindu’s new single, ‘All In My Fridge,’ and it has besides being on repeat, it’s found a spot in my newest Gooch Tape. If you are unfamiliar with Pharao Black Magic, clean out your ears and dive deep into their Soundcloud. You’ll thank me later. They could very well be the best thing to come from Switzerland since fondue. Their sound is deep, yet tropical & mysterious, laced with silky smooth vocals. Sounds like quite the recipe for a magical auditory love child.

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Pharao Black Magic Remix) by Pharao Black Magic

As an added bonus, check out the Wintermix. Beautiful vibes.
Pharao Black Magic – Winter Mix by Pharao Black Magic


Read on after the jump for my quickfire interview with Pharao Black Magic. Enjoi!
GDD :Where are you from & how has that influenced your music?
We’re from Basel, Switzerland. It’s a really boring city. I hope it didn’t influence our music.

GDD: How do you describe your musical style / taste?
For DJ-sets, we focus on party jams coming from genres such as house, disco, and new disco. Our own tracks and remixes cover a wider range – there’s definitely upbeat sound in there, but also more laid back and sofa-friendly stuff.

GDD: How does your equipment differ from your onstage gear to what you use in the studio?
Right now, onstage means CDJ’s and MK2’s. If we do something live in the future, it will definitely be band based. But there are no such plans at this moment.
In the studio, we’re using Logic, a bunch of software plugins and some hardware such as synths, percussion and guitars. I’m thinking about buying a Kalimba and a Vibraphone.

GDD: Describe your perfect venue, setting, and vibe down to the littlest detail.
Pool party, Japanese beer, warm weather, sunglasses, cozy music.

GDD: How do you go about picking tracks you’d like to remix?
If we like it, we do it!

GDD: What are your 5 favorite tracks play out right now?
Rubix – That Rhythm (Xinobi Remix)
Incarnations – Hindi Ko Alam (Space Ranger Remix)
Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money (Jay Shepheard Club Mix)
Peter Zohdy – The Pyramid Dancer
Proper Heat – Just A Little Bit

GDD: What should we keep our ears open for?
I am enjoying the recent releases on Is It Balearic? a lot, so look out for tunes by “Ahiki” and “Hardway Bros”. Also, “Proper Heat” will have an album out fairly soon and their new EP is absolutely amazing. And I also can’t wait to hear the upcoming album by “The Time And Space Machine”…

GDD: Would you rather wear a permanent life jacket or permanent helmet for the rest of your life?
I’d rather have a permanent residence in New York City for the rest of my life. L.A. wouldn’t be too bad, either.

GDD: What does the year of 2012 hold for Pharao Black Magic?
The first release is the remix for Shindu – out on January 20. Next will be our next single on the UK label “Is It Balearic?”, this one should be out very soon. There’s gonna be remixes by Reverso 68, Begin and Steve Proktor. Then we have another single finished – here we are in the process of choosing the right label. It all looks very promising. Also there’s already a few remixes in the making – I think 2012 should be very smooth for us. And finally, work on the first PBM album should start sometime after spring.