GDD™ Spotlight: Lukas

It was the beginning of October, and remixes for Crazy P‘s ‘Changes’ began to surface. Amongst the plethora of good renditions that I heard, one stood out more than any other, and it was from a Bristol artist that I had never come across before — Lukas. As I usually do when I find good new music from an unfamiliar moniker, I check back catalogs, social media sites, etc., and after going about this with Lukas I wanted to know more. So I reached out across the Atlantic to see what this producer was up to, and it turned out to be a lot more than I thought!

Click on after the jump to download a mix with numerous unreleased jams made exclusively for GDD™ and check out my interview with the multifaceted producer where we chat about his infamous party Alfresco Disco, the rising Bristol scene, and more.

Lukas – GDD™ Mix √++

Eats Everything + Lukas present The Eel – 0200 (Futureboogie)
Charlie Banks – Saying What (Lukas Remix) (Dirt Crew)
Crazy P – Changes (Lukas Remix)
Matthew Johnson – Dayz (Crosstown Rebels)
Rio + Prest – Freaky MF
Roman Flugel – Brasil Reprise (Dial)
DJ Master D – Mad Drumz (Lukas edit)
Prommer + Barck – Journey (Kink Dub)
Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound (Strictly Rhythm)
J Phlip – Fever (KRL Remix)
Coat of Arms – Tone Music
Lukas + Christophe – Teardrops (Futureboogie)

Gotta Dance Dirty™: I always start off my interviews with the same question so might as well keep it going here. What’s your usual drink order sir?

Lukas: Depends on the situation. At the pub – A pint of ale. At the club they don’t serve that, so it’s a can of Red Stripe or a rum and Coke. Maybe some water too, if I’m feeling adventurous…

GDD™: You are a man that wears many hats: producer, DJ, promoter. What order would you put these in if you had to say that you were one above the other?

Lukas: At the moment I’m producing a lot, but I’m also DJing and promoting a lot too! – they inform each other. But lately I’ve been making quite a lot of tracks both on my own and with my the crew in Bristol and promoting Alfresco Disco, the party run with my friends.

GDD™: Can you tell us a little about the events that you throw in Bristol? I know that Bristol has been known as an artistic city within the UK. Do you see the scene there as different than London or Manchester?

Lukas: I put on an event called ‘Alfresco Disco’ with my good friends here in Bristol. It’s slowly but surely gathered cult status here. We don’t announce the location, or the lineup until the last minute – yet people come from far and wide to party with us. We put a lot of care and attention into the whole production, and of course we make sure the music is A1. In the past we’ve staged parties in the forest, in a coroners court, under railway bridges… the list goes on. And there’s so much more to come.

Alfresco Disco from Raspberry & Jam on Vimeo.

Bristol has it’s own vibe. I’ve always loved it, but in recent times it’s become really exciting – so much good music, art and a feeling of self-sufficiency, not looking to London or anywhere else to lead the way for inspiration. Pop-up restaurants, galleries, parties. Also since Futureboogie Records started, it’s helped to galvanise the scene here big time.

GDD™: What artists are coming up big in your town right now? Any names that we might not have heard of over on this continent yet? I know that you have some collaborations with some Bristol locals coming out soon correct?

Lukas: You’re gonna see a lot more artists coming out of Bristol next year. Eats Everything and myself have a project called ‘The EEL’ which you’ll be hearing more about soon. Keep an eye out for ‘Maison de Cheval‘ myself and Christophe’s project. Artist wise, Julio Bashmore is absolutely smashing it, the Waifs and Strays boys doing their thing. October, Type, Arkist, Appleblim, Behling and Simpson.The list goes on and on of underground artists in Bristol and you should check them out. Really – there’s too many to mention. Keep an eye out for two guys coming up Tom Rio and Fred Prest who are making some great music at the moment.

GDD™: Your fantastic Disco House remix for Crazy P was actually how I stumbled upon your work. How did that remix come about? Is this release your most popular to date?

Lukas: People seem to be into it! Pete Tong‘s been playing it on Radio 1 – which is nice! It was also a Mixmag choice download. The Crazy P guys are friends, so they sent me some parts and – et voila! I love Crazy P, so wanted to make sure I did a good job on it – keeping the original vibe but hopefully stepping up another gear for the rave….

GDD™: I see that you DJ and also have played live in the past from Glastonbury to Berlin. Do you DJ and play live under the Lukas moniker or do you have other projects that you use for different styles?

Lukas: I’ve done a few live sets and I’ve really enjoyed them. It’s satisfying and also you’re laying your balls on the line a bit more. But for now I’m DJing mainly and that’s such a pleasure. It’s a dark art, there’s always something more to learn.

GDD™: With so many sub-genres of House music these days, what does House music mean to you personally? Or in other words, what is true House to you?

Lukas: I don’t know what true House is. But for me House is music that makes you move and can also move you. Cheesy or what?

GDD™: What is coming up next for the producer/remixer side of Lukas? Can we expect the same type of sound that we heard in ‘Changes’?

Lukas: I’ve got some remixes coming up for Dirt Crew, Clouded Vision, Futureboogie Recordings. The sound? You’ll have to wait and see.

GDD™: How did you go about compiling tracks and making this mix for us? Any instructions on how to best enjoy it?

Lukas: The mix contains a lot of exclusive ‘never heard before’ stuff from me and friends… remixes, collaborations, and originals by others. It also includes some of the tracks that have been working the dancefloor for me in recent times. Joining the dots between different styles.

GDD™: I know you must dance out there in Bristol, but when you do, do you dance dirty?

Lukas: Of course I do! You can’t look directly at me when I’m dancing, you might go blind 😉


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