GDD™ Celebrates Marquee’s One-Year Anniversary w/ Avicii

It was a few short years ago that nightclub impresario Jason Strauss was in Ibiza, chatting with four of his main competitors regarding rumblings they had heard of his next venture. Rumor had it he was opening a nightclub dedicated solely to dance music that would be the 62,000 square foot, 128 times per minute beating heart of a brand new casino in the Las Vegas desert. He confirmed their suspicions…they told him he was out of his fucking mind, but as the saying goes, the great ones normally are. At the time, this simply just wasn’t a successful business model, despite the current budding reputation of Vegas as the new American Ibiza. Clubs were open format, mostly hip-hop, except for a few of the midweek nights. Just last January that new venture became Marquee Las Vegas, and in one short year the club has established itself as one of the premiere nightlife destinations on the planet.

Upcoming projects for Jason and his partners include announcing a new Marquee-brand venue overseas, giving a major facelift for their New York City location, and undergoing a complete overhaul of the Marquee Las Vegas Dayclub for next summer (that will apparently install some infrastructure to allow the outdoor club that’s featured some of 2011’s best pool party line-ups to send flying humans – amongst other things – through the air).

2012 will see exclusive Las Vegas club residencies (that means these artists aren’t ruled out for EDC 2012) from Above & Beyond, ATB, Benny Benassi, Chuckie, Dirty South, Erick Morillo, and Kaskade, and that’s just who is returning. The new residencies they plan on announcing in the coming month I’m sure will positively blow our collective mind.

Click on after the jump to see photos from last Monday’s events including our Q+A with Avicii and Jason Strauss, the pumping interior of Marquee, and more…

Tim Bergling (Avicii) and Jason Strauss answer our questions regarding the competitive market in Las Vegas.

Tim answers our question about where he sees his music and DJing 15 years down the line.

Avicii gets all 6,000 people inside Marquee ready for the drop.

Hands up for ‘Levels.’ 

Special thanks to: Jason Strauss, Tim Bergling, Morgan Deane, Lydia Fong, and the Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

Photo credit: Bennett Sell-Kline for Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub 

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