New Years Eve 2011: Insomniac’s White Wonderland

Photo Credit: Matthew Little

From the moment I heard all the details about Insomniac’s latest party, White Wonderland, I knew it was something I had to check out for myself. Up until the moment I actually stepped foot into the Anaheim Convention Center, I was not really sure what to expect.  I did not actually believe that Insomniac could pull off a 21+, white party, in Orange County of all places. I am pleased to report back they proved me wrong on all fronts.

It all started for me when I took my place in the security line to get in. Expecting it to take forever and a day, like always, it went by in no time. To be honest, I can’t remember getting through security that quickly. There were not any hiccups and the security guards kept the line flowing steady for the rest of the evening.  The layout of the venue was well thought out. Having a limited capacity of 10,000 people gave everyone more than enough room to spread out and dance. Off the dance floor, bars, water stations and food vendors were dime a dozen. Throughout the venue the wait was never overbearing. Finally, the quality of the sound and stage production was over the top, as it is at all Insomniac events. The sound really added the extra special push taking the event to a different level.

Day 1 Favorite: Dada Life
With their incredible stage presence and high energy DJ set  let loose upon the crowd, our favorite Swedes did what they did best and proved to blow everyone out of the water on New Years Eve. Any let down from Kaskade’s cancellation was quickly swept away after doing the Dada.

Day 2 Favorite: Steve Angello
The chief behind his own record label’s Size Matters party, Steve Angello became a conductor of the night with his uncanny song selection and ability to control the crowd with every booming beat. The debut festival was one for the books as Insomniac Events rang in the new year with complete Swedish domination back-to-back nights. We can only look forward to a massive 2012 and the continuing success of EDM through the spirit of the festival experience.




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  1. Kevin says:

    Dada Life wrecked it on NYE. Such a great set.

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