GDD™ Exclusive: Lenno Interview + NYE Party Mix

I featured the Finnish 16-year-old, Lenno, a few times here on GDD, but I wanted to provide you with a deeper look into this teenage professional electronic music producer/DJ who is on his way to a successful & influential career. Also, just in time for New Year’s Eve, he threw together an excellent party mix which will leave you more than ready to partake in the annual festivities or help keep the energy up at your afterparty.

Please read on after the jump to see our conversation about how he started, his philosophy behind making music, his top 5 tracks of the year, what’s next for his career, the full tracklist of his NYE mix, and more!

Gotta Dance Dirty™: We have a tradition of asking artists what their usual drink orders are. What are yours? We know you are underage, so it can be non-alcoholic!
Lenno: Haha, I always try to get lemon ice tea to drink at the club, always end up getting warm Red Bull somehow though.

GDD™: What have you been up to lately?
Lenno: Remixing, mostly! Been doing stuff for The Wombats, The Knocks and (gasp) Kelly Clarkson among others, it’s been a lot of fun but after doing 20-something remixes this year I feel like it’s time to do something fresh soon. Also been starting to play some gigs, I played Milan in the beginning of December and was in NYC for a week in October.

GDD™: When did you first start your music endeavors and what were they?
Lenno: My parents are classical musicians so they kinda made me play classical guitar at the age of seven. I really liked it for a while though. Then I got an electric guitar and wanted to be an Eddie Van Halen for a moment until…

GDD™: What was your first exposure to electronic music?
Lenno: I saw The Young Punx doing a video producer masterclass for Computer Music Magazine and was immediately like “what magic is this, I need to get into this”.

GDD™: When did you realize that music was something you wanted to pursue as an artist?
Lenno: I always wrote these little songs on the guitar when I was younger… but as a producer, I think it occurred to me when I got my first tracks officially released.

GDD™: What is your vision for Lenno and has it changed since you started producing?
Lenno: My musical vision has always been that people need to have a good time when they hear music. The music I produce these days is a bit more coherent genre-wise than what it was when I started out but the basic philosophy has always been the same.

GDD™: What programs and equipment do you use in the studio and playing live?
Lenno: My studio basically consists of a MacBook Pro, Logic 9, a good pair of speakers and a room with proper acoustic treatment which helps loads. I try hardware synths/effects from time to time but always end up selling them as it’s too much of a hassle for me.

On stage I use Ableton with Akai APC40, it’s kinda like a cross between a live setup and a more traditional DJ thing. I’m currently learning CDJs too though as I have some shows next year where the bigger setup is not an option.

GDD™: Where do you see electronic music going in 2012?
Lenno: I honestly have no idea! Who could’ve predicted that we’d see a dubstep track in a Weetabix commercial in 2011? But in my opinion the current mainstream status of electronic music can only be a good thing as more people will find about more awesome music that the scene churns out at the moment.

GDD™: What are your top 5 favorite tracks of the year?

1. Fred Falke – Look Into Your Eyes

2. Housse De Racket – Roman (Oliver Remix)

3. 501 – Escaping Monday

4. Aeroplane – Save Me Now

5. Perseus – Russian Girlfriends

GDD™: What’s next for your career?
Lenno: Originals! I’m currently working on my second own release which should be super cool. Also getting into some songwriting stuff which I’m really excited about. 2012 will be super awesome even though everybody says it every year. [Also, two huge remixes are due out early next year for artists we cannot name quite yet, so keep an eye out!]

GDD™: Thank you for taking the time for the interview and mix! It is much appreciated.


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Lenno – Gotta Dance Dirty™ NYE Party Mix Tracklist:
Just Kiddin’ – Cuba
Oliver – Footsteps
Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher
Reset! – If We Try (Broke One Remix)
Chris Lake & Nightriders – NYC
Alex Kenji & Federico Scavo – Just For You
Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights (Birdie Retweet)
Cassian – Friday Night
Just Kiddin’ – Sax & Gold (Lenno Edit)
Willow Smith VS Rose Royce – Whip My Hair (Peo De Pitte Remix)
Broke One – Go Go Go (Russ Chimes Remix)
Marble Players – Wipe Out
Broke One – Go Go Go (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Adam Bozzetto – Getaway (Lenno Edit)
Duck Sauce – The Motion
His Majesty Andre – Untitled Vinyl
Daft Punk – High Life (Lenno Rework)
Russ Chimes – Tonic
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods
The “S” – Is Dangerous (Barretso Remix)
Wolfgang Gartner – Cognitive Dissonance (’96 Bulls Edit)
Hervé – Blaze It (Reset! Remix)
Timo Juuti & Hector 87 – I Know It
Daft Punk – Derezzed (Bright Shades Rework)


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