CSY & Stripes – Footsie / Speak Easy EP

I’m sure most of you have never heard of the Body Work label, mostly because it hasn’t issued its debut release yet. But this will all change on February 6th of the new year when CSY & Stripes will release BODYWORK001 — the Footsie EP. With A&R for Body Work being handled by John Power of Your Army, I can venture to assume that we will see many fantastic releases from the imprint in 2012. BODYWORK001 features a two-track bundle of love hatched from House and Garage, with plenty of solid bassline to go around. Body Work and CSY & Stripes. Seriously, watch out.

CSY & Stripes – Footsie (sample clip) by Body Work

CSY & Stripes – Speak Easy (sample clip) by Body Work





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