Avicii Announces House For Hunger US Tour + Donates $1Million

Today, Avicii announced that he’ll be hitting the US this January with an impressive 26 shows in 27 days, starting January 5th at The Fillmore in Detroit and culminating the 31st in Amherst, MA. More impressively, Avicii and his manager Ash Pournouri will be donating a whopping $1 Million to the Feeding America organization to help fight hunger in America. It’s not everyday that we see acts like these from world class DJs/artists, and we here at GDD™ are in full support of what the At Night family is up to. Hopefully, this will put the wheels in motion for similar acts from other artists around the world, driving the familiar sense of compassion and unity in dance music to problems that the world community is facing. I think that the following quotes from Avicii and Ash, respectively, are a testament to their true humanitarianism:

“For me personally when I found out how widespread the hunger problem in the United States actually was it blew my mind. I never would have imagined that 1 in 6 people in America struggle with hunger or that 1 in 4 children routinely do not get enough to eat. It feels right to kick off this movement of giving back in the US, seeing how many amazing experiences and opportunities America has given me over the past two years, as well as the support I’ve gotten from my fans here.”

“This is the first time in electronic music history that someone is stepping up in such a massive way to engage fans in a movement to give back in their communities. I felt it was time to turn a corner and tear down the negative stereotypes of drugs and reckless partying often associated with the house/trance/dance music scene as it’s a far cry from what the reality of electronic music is today. So Avicii and I are putting our money where our mouth is and taking the first step to give back to the country and the fans that have helped shape our careers.”

Support their cause and head on out to an Avicii show near you, and for more information on their donation, head to HouseForHunger.org.

January 5: The Fillmore in Detroit, MI
January 6: Epic Nightclub in Minneapolis, MN
January 7: The Rave in Milwaukee, WI
January 8: Stage AE Amphitheater in Pittsburgh, PA
January 9: Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH
January 10: The Pageant in St. Louis, MO
January 12: The Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO
January 13: Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO
January 14: Reno Downtown Ballroom in Reno, NV
January 15: (Day Show) University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ
January 15: (Night Show) Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ
January 16: Austin Music Hall in Austin, TX
January 17: Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, TX
January 18: Buchanan’s Event Center in El Paso, TX
January 19: Stereo Live in Houston, TX
January 20: The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, TX
January 21: TBA
January 24: Orpheum Theatre in Madison, WI
January 25: Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA
January 26: Main Street Armory in Rochester, NY
January 27: University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL
January 28: Coliseum of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 29: Summit Series in Squaw Valley, CA
January 30: Ryan Center in Kingston, RI
January 31: Mullins Center in Amherst, MA





4 Responses to Avicii Announces House For Hunger US Tour + Donates $1Million

  1. Avicii--WTF says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Avicii is double booking shows often now? He just wants money…?  I mean the whole new years issue was one thing. I figured who cares if Avicii is there to welcome the New Year i mean its better anyways, new years happens your amped then once your starting to get over it BAM 1:00 Avicii comes on. ok. A 7:30 show then an 11 show at the Warfield in San Fran…get out of here. It’s ridiculous. I love his songs and his production abilities but he needs to watch out or hes going to be over saturated very VERY soon.  I would hate to see that.

    I know its ironic to be posting about this on a topic that refers to him donating 1 million to feeding america…i do respect that.

  2. Nothing near LA? Oh Avivii.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree, he is a very good person for donating so much money to charity… You wouldn’t see anyone other dj do that..

    I gotta admit Avicii has a GREAT hype right now, people are on his nuts like crazy, but for how long is the question… 

    I don’t see this going far for so long..

  4. I really don’t want to sound mean or do i want people to take this in a negative way. But the US has so much food that it surprises me that there is any hunger. US food companies throw away tons and tons of food each day. I don’t mean to bash Avivii but it would have been a better choice to pick another country to donate that money to. In the end its really nice of him to do what he is doing. regardless of which country he donates to.  

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