Blatta & Inesha – The Sound of Techno Nouveau + Track Preview!

nou·veau /noo’vo/
1. Modern; up to date.
2. New and different, often fashionably so.

Music is constantly changing, evolving, progressing. As we explored about a year ago – when debate erupted over our 2010 ‘Part V’ wrap-up – Techno isn’t a specific sound; Techno is a lifestyle, a dingy basement and a 6am sunrise, an attitude, and nothing right now is oozing this attitude quite like the sounds of Italian duo Blatta & Inesha.

They’ve coined their music “Techno Nouveau,” and here it is. True to form the mixing is spot-fucking-on, with my favorite transition clocking in just after the 37-minute mark, straight into their recent Dim Mak release Senegal.

GDD™ also wants you to help us help the artists help you. As of this writing, B&I are 89 ‘Likes’ away from 13,000 on Facebook, and recent collab partners and rising LA duo Casino Gold are closing in on 2,000. Help us push these numbers to the next level by reposting, sharing, tweeting, re-blogging this mix, etc., and GDD™ will release an exclusive firsthand preview of their new collab Consign to Oblivion, due out next year! Trust me, I have the full version and listened to it about 40 times last week! So get the mix (click the artwork above), and then get the track listing for this stellar mix after the jump.

Blatta & Inesha on Facebook
Casino Gold on Facebook

[01] Chemical Intro
[02] Invader – WTF – Blatta & Inesha Remix – Royal One Records
[03] Blatta & Inesha – Anatomy – Dim Mak
[04] Casino Gold – Escapist – Crux Records
[05] Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Day – Tocadisco Remix – Lektroluv
[06] Plump DJs – Gobbstopper – Blatta & Inesha Remix – Grand Hotel
[07] Blatta & Inesha – F1
[08] Baskerville vs. Henzel & DiscoNova – Gimmie 5 – Secure Recordings
[09] Umek & Beltek – Keep The Frequency – Toolroom
[10] Franz & Shape – Acid One – Bang Gang
[11] iPunk – Attack – Nickel Remix – Crux Records
[12] The Rox – Destroyer – Bronson
[13] Blatta & Inesha – Senegal – Dim Mak
[14] Deface – Venere – Crux Records
[15] Gosteffects – House Of God
[16] Doc Trashz – Fetish – Kill Beat

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