GDD™ Exclusive: Futurecop! – The Movie

If you were born in the 80s (or even if you weren’t), you know that there is a certain sound and imagery that was established throughout the arts during the decade that some came to hate, but many, including myself, learned to love. Cheesey vocals, spacey synthesizers, and an intangible sense of a fantastic, imaginative force defined music and movies during the era, and now, the duo from England known as Futurecop! is bringing it all back in the 21st century with 13 original productions that will make up the soundtrack to The Movie — an audio/video project from the pair of musicians. By re-inventing their influences of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, unicorns, and childhood dreams, Futurecop! will be breaking the mold in 2012 with this release on Kiez Beats Records. For now, please enjoy these 2 free originals off of the album release, and make sure to check in over at Kiez Beats for more info on the release date.

Futurecop! – Northern Lights (Original Mix) by GottaDanceDirty

Futurecop! – Transformers vs In Time (Original Mix) by GottaDanceDirty






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  1. kazes says:

    Haha that’s the spirit. I love these guys. 

  2. I think I love that second one more than The Touch. It’s amazing. Cannot wait for this album!!!

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